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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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All (192) Reviews from @Real_Ian_Morris

Watched "The Hobbit" a tail of dwarfs on an adventure aided by a hobbit.. wasn't really gripping but had moments.. 6/10 ..

Just watched "Dredd" with Karl Urban as Dredd .. awesome movie, great plot .. kick ass film, a must watch film .. 8/10 ..

Watched "Brave" .. a great simple cartoon story of a Scottish princess.. magic and mayhem and loads of comedy .. 7/10 ..

Just watched "Looper" a futuristic adventure about time travel.. very quiet in parts.. mediocre movie at best.. 5/10..

Watched "The Adventures of Tintin" .. a cartoon adventure with pirates and treasure.. based on the classic tale .. 8/10 ..

Just watched "Men in Black 3" .. another comedy classic.. for me, the best so far.. a must for sci-fi nuts ) .. 8/10 ..

Just watched "Dark Shadows" staring Johnny Depp.. Vampire mayhem in the 70's.. some truely hilarious moments .. 8/10..

Just watched "The Avengers" .. super hero's at their best.. all action movie with some hilarious moments .. 9/10 ..

Just watched "Prometheus" a Sci-Fi from Ridley Scott.. its the first adventure of the Weyland Corp.. Brilliant!!.. 8/10 ..

Just watched "Hunger Games" .. really slow to get going and was really predictable.. not a great plot or effects.. 5/10 ..

Just watched 'Man on a Ledge' .. brilliantly written with a great cast.. hope you like heights. A gem of a movie.. 8/10 ..

Just watched "Ted" .. quite frankly one of the funniest movies I've seen this or any other year.. bit rude lol .. 9/10 ..

Just watched 'The Woman In Black' with Daniel Radcliffe .. a very dull movie with a very dull plot, bit lacking.. 4/10 ..

Just watched "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" with Daniel Craig. Followed the original to the letter, bit dark .. 5/10 ..

Just watched 'Dream House' with Daniel Craig.. a ghost story with a difference.. slow in parts and lacked plot.. 5/10 ..

Just watched "Kill Keith" .. an hilarious movie about a breakfast cereal killer.. very 'Tongue in cheek' .. 8/10 ..

Just watched "Chronicle" .. a superhero movie from the cameras' view.. great start just slowed to a poor ending.. 6/10 ..

Just watched "Justice" with Nicolas Cage.. a thriller with a twist.. gripping to the end.. well worth a watch.. 7/10 ..

Just watched "Tower Heist" with Ben Stiller.. the story of a robbery of a tower block.. fun and entertaining .. 7/10 ..

Just watched "Contagion" all star packed movie about the spread of a virus, starts on day 2.. Very well written.. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'Battleship' .. very like other movies but seems to work.. enjoyed every minute even the slow bits .. 8/10 ..

Just watched 'Immortals' the story of ancient Greece and the gods... bit slow and dark and too quiet at times .. 5/10 ..

Just watched 'Drive' ... started quite brill, then went arty, then went annoying with violence, then just bad.. 3/10 ..

Just watched 'Hybrid' a low budget movie about a monster that mimics a car.. started bad and actually got worse.. 4/10 ..

Just watched 'Abduction' an all star cast with loads of action.. had great potential just had a very limp end .. 6/10 ..

Just watched 'Apollo 18' a very short suspense movie.. very blair witch, a few spooky moments, just didn't last.. 5/10 ..

Just watched 'Captain America The First Avenger' very faithful to the original comics.. all in all a great film.. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'Setup' with 50 Cent and Bruce Willis.. average tail of revenge.. bit poor on the plot side .. 4/10 ..

Just watched 'Fast and Furious Fast Five' with Vin Diesel, a great film but a lousy sequel, less of a car movie .. 6/10 ..

Just watched 'In Time' with Justin Timberlake .. an unusual story of where time replaces money.. worth a view .. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'Priest' an unusual story of vampires and priests on motorbikes.. very odd but surprisingly good .. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'The Rite' with Anthony Hopkins .. a sort of Excorcist type film but without the pea soup.. ok-ish .. 5/10 ..

Just watched 'The Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ On Stranger Tides' ... not the best sequal but had it's moments... 6/10 ...

Just watched 'Insidious' .. a horror movie in the style of poltergeist .. an ok horror to get the heart racing .. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'Battle Of Los Angeles' the story of an alien invasion, very graphic and powerful.. very HooRah! .. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'The Task' .. a gameshow horror movie set in a prison.. British cast with poor plot.. a bit lame .. 6/10 ..

Just watched 'The Ghost' with Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan, a political thriller set around a ghost writer .. 7/10 ..

Just watched 'Sanctum' .. based on a true story of cave divers.. sad at times, quite slow and a bit predictable .. 6/10 ..

Just watched 'Gosford Park' .. an all star murder mystery which was a bit of a let down .. tho well acted .. 4/10 ..

Just watched 'Season Of The Witch' with Nicolas Cage.. a very poor demon movie.. poor story and very slow.. 5/10 ..