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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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Star Trek

56 reviews forStar Trek (2009)

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Reviews for Star Trek (56)

Star Trek-8/10-A visual marvel that's a little hard to follow at times.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 8th March 2010

Star Trek - surprisingly good since I'm not a fan, or maybe because. Good to see not much sentimentality or icky message

Just finished watching 'StarTrek' 2009 and was blown away. excellent movie, very well written and the cast was well chosen 9/10

Star Trek: 9/10. If you're a Star Trek fan, watch it. If you ain't one, definitely watch it. Amazing movie. Live long and prosper \\ //

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 18th November 2009

Star Trek the motion picture-Seriously dull first movie, havent seen in years wont watch again. Very slow. Wrath of Kahn rules 4/0

Star Trek 8/10. Filme que na minha opinião agrada aos fãs da série.

acsdiretorio Reviewed by acsdiretorio
on 3rd July 2009

New Star Trek is No Joke. This adaptation/storyline is Phenomenal. Not a "Trek" fan personally, but wow! One FUN Movie. Go J.J.! 9 out of 10

star trek - very good even for non-trekkies, intense, clever, funny, would love to see on Blu-ray! Ownable 8/10

_B_en Reviewed by _B_en
on 7th June 2009

hasn't really been a hardcore Trekker in 10-15 years, but Star Trek is the best movie I've seen in a while! I'm ready to see it again!

skyfire124 Reviewed by skyfire124
on 31st May 2009

Verdict on Star Trek: If u are a trekkie y10/10, otherwise a very good 8 - if you don't know original series plot will be confusing.

simonbfbs Reviewed by simonbfbs
on 31st May 2009

Finally saw Star Trek today.Awesome! First 10 minutes knocked me out (in a good way). Am convinced J.J. Abrams is a creative genius.

jallee Reviewed by jallee
on 31st May 2009

#StarTrek A fantastic re-introduction of a marvellous series. Bring on the next one! ★★★★☆

Just saw Star Trek finally! 9/10

djkidsl Reviewed by djkidsl
on 27th May 2009

saw star trek, loved it! best movie of the year! beam me up!!! 10/10

Star Trek 9/10 Never thought I would love this so much. What's everyone's problem with the lens flares? Awesome, every bit

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 22nd May 2009

Star Trek rating: 12 out of a possible 10.

logantanner Reviewed by logantanner
on 21st May 2009

Just saw Star Trek, was absolutely amazingly brilliant. Please please PLEASE make it into a series mr Abrams! ★★★★★ #startrek

bbeckford Reviewed by bbeckford
on 20th May 2009

STAR TREK is a 10! 5 stars! 2 thumbs aaallll that

'Star Trek' - Great movie, starts from birth of James T Kirk... quite literally lol, Scotty, Bones, Spock great casting 8/10

Star trek- great movie! Action packed and filled with bits to keep even the biggest original series fan happy! 8/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 19th May 2009

Star Trek reboot was awesome in every way, except for Scotty's comedy mate and the liberties taken with black hole theory.

huwlangridge Reviewed by huwlangridge
on 19th May 2009

Star Trek : a definite "must-see-on-the-big-screen" accessible to non-scifi-fans, great story, flawless visual fx. Thumbs up.

demis Reviewed by demis
on 19th May 2009

Finally saw Star Trek over the weekend. Not perfect, but very nicely done. 8.5 out of 10. Very clever reboot of the storyline. I'll buy it.

JordyToigo Reviewed by JordyToigo
on 18th May 2009

didn't hate Star Trek...but I don't get what all the fuss is about. I honestly enjoyed Wolverine more.

Saw Star Trek .. enjoyable movie for even the space inept people like me. Well placed humour, emotion, and irony. 4/5

Fantikerz Reviewed by Fantikerz
on 16th May 2009

Star Trek 9/10 Great portrayal of where it all began, including all your favourite characters and tributes to the series. Simple plot.

Saw STAR TREK last night. I'll give it an 8 out of 10. I would recommend to see it in theatres.

khoolhandz Reviewed by khoolhandz
on 15th May 2009

star trek was awesome! 9/10 from me

LRuntang Reviewed by LRuntang
on 15th May 2009

Star Trek movie from an non-Star Trek fan: 9.5/10

4ftermath Reviewed by 4ftermath
on 15th May 2009

I would have given it 10/10, but Scotty's alien buddy was silly. And the black holes stretched credibility a little too far. #startrek

huwlangridge Reviewed by huwlangridge
on 15th May 2009

Absolutely loved Star Trek. 9/10. Story, effects, adrenaline, nostalgia. Everything JJ Abrams touches turns to gold. #startrek

huwlangridge Reviewed by huwlangridge
on 15th May 2009

Saw the Star Trek movie last night. I'm not really a Trekkie only watched when I was a kid, but I did like the film 6/10.

jimi_bond Reviewed by jimi_bond
on 15th May 2009

Star Trek 7/10 Good film. Trekkies prob appreciate it more than me. Bit too much "everything's a drama" and lens flare.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 14th May 2009

I didn't think I would, but I absolutely loved Star Trek. They really hit it out of the park - or should I say, warped it out of the galaxy.

awilkinson Reviewed by awilkinson
on 13th May 2009

Watched #startrek last night, first time I'd seen a #startrek film, was very good (better than revision) , great sfx, 8/10

tom_clay Reviewed by tom_clay
on 13th May 2009

Star Trek was great, last 10 yrs= lotta bad big budget remakes, AKA manuals on what NOT to do, Trek obvi learned from those flix #startrek

jmundia Reviewed by jmundia
on 12th May 2009

Star Trek was great, but I can't help thinking of JJ Abrams as the Dr. Emmett Brown of directors. 9/10 #startrek #timetravel

Gernot Reviewed by Gernot
on 11th May 2009

#StarTrek was amazing. 9 out of 10...entertainment wise it was a 9.5 out of 10. Just shy of #Watchmen for film of 2009.

ThirdRoundKO Reviewed by ThirdRoundKO
on 11th May 2009

Star Trek:The sound design was stellar. The DP loved his lens flares. Giacchino's theme was obsessive. Can't wait to see what's next.7.75/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 11th May 2009

Star Trek, unbelievable, everyone will probably really enjoy this movie, even better the second time around

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 9th May 2009

Just finished the new Star Trek - they nailed it! Superb. Like having proper Star Trek back.

boagworld Reviewed by boagworld
on 9th May 2009

StarTrek 7/10. Great movie, really, but. I just thought it would be more, well, great.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 9th May 2009

Star Trek was fantastic. It's a really good reboot, I want to go see it again. 9/10 #startrek

hnilsen Reviewed by hnilsen
on 9th May 2009

Star trek was awesome! It is a must see

ChrisGraser Reviewed by ChrisGraser
on 9th May 2009

#StarTrek was alright. I like the old one better. This had more action, but less things to think about, unlike the old one. 7.5/10

kidcomesback Reviewed by kidcomesback
on 9th May 2009

Star Trek = Great story, acting and snappy dialogue. No cheesyness but retained stylish 60s look. Effects are top notch and clean. 10 STARS!

djbriancua Reviewed by djbriancua
on 8th May 2009

After some time to reflect, I give Star Trek an 8/10. If anything it leaves me overly excited for #2, a lá Batman Begins/The Dark Knight.

projectnrm Reviewed by projectnrm
on 8th May 2009

watched Star Trek 30 minutes ago. Liked it after the 1st quarter & it was a fun film but nothing exceptional. 7 out of 10 Vulcan death grips

tsavonglah08 Reviewed by tsavonglah08
on 8th May 2009

Star Trek: 8/10 Good action, good characters and good effects. Star Trek is a really solid, entertaining movie.

DocBowser1079 Reviewed by DocBowser1079
on 8th May 2009

I give Star Trek 8/10. I don't expect to like any of this summer's blockbusters quite as much.

Zawmer Reviewed by Zawmer
on 8th May 2009

Star Trek - 8.5/10. IMHO, The young versions were damned good. Less Hollywood would have been nice. BSG guys woulda made it 10/10 #StarTrek

insurgent Reviewed by insurgent
on 8th May 2009

I recommend seeing Star Trek asap. Even if you're not a trekkie. It was awesome, entertaining, funny and spinning! 9/10! #startrek

phdota Reviewed by phdota
on 8th May 2009

Star Trek is awesome. I want to see it again already. Thank you JJ

misswallison Reviewed by misswallison
on 8th May 2009

Star Trek! Brilliant, as a fan I loved it. Tons of referances and jokes, fast paced and an excellent new crew! 4.5/5 See It now

studarby Reviewed by studarby
on 7th May 2009

Star Trek! Brilliant, as a fan I loved it. Tons of referances and jokes, fast paced and an excellent new crew! 4.5/5 See It now

studarby Reviewed by studarby
on 7th May 2009

Star Trek - 9/10 - If I had to criticise I'd say that it was a tad long. Aside from that, brilliant! Reminds you how good Star Trek can be.