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TRON: Legacy

11 reviews forTRON: Legacy (2010)

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Reviews for TRON: Legacy (11)

Just watched 'Tron Legacy' .. an awesome sequel to an amazing film.. well written with great graphics .. 7/10 ..

Tron Legacy.....Totally awesome 7/10, Very different than I thought it would be....Jeff Bridges CGI face was lame tho!

Tron Legacy 8/10 Story's nothing super special, but it's a masterpiece in visual designs. Music was ace. Really enjoyable.

#Tron Legacy, visually one of the best & kick ass futuristic soundtrack. Plot not required or provided. 6/10,

'Tron Legacy': A weak plot is dragged along by good, but not game-changing, special effects. Good soundtrack from Daft Punk 2*

Johan_88 Reviewed by Johan_88
on 3rd January 2011

Tron Legacy 3D 2/5 - Love the visuals & the world they created but couldn't care less about the characters in it.

Tron: Legacy-7.5/10-The story is more convoluted than it should be, but the cast is good and the visual effects are fantastic.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 1st January 2011

Finally watched Tron Legacy! Good sequel! Movie effects were awesome, but acting was a little cheesy. 3.5/5

#TronLegacy(3D IMAX) glad to have seen this on a really big screen.. more spectacle than substance, but enjoyable & fun. 3*s

Tron: Legacy (2/5) Sci-fi - Computer wiz' son enters digital world. Great design (- Bridges), but as slow as the first.

TRON: Legacy-Some dodgy CGI and awful script for Jeff Bridges are forgiven thanks to super action and brilliant sound track 6/10