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Robin Hood

21 reviews forRobin Hood (2010)

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Reviews for Robin Hood (21)

In Time (2/5) Sci-fi - Robin Hoodish man fights the police over time currency. Cool political idea, bad pacing and feels shallow.

In Time-Should be called Waste of Time, poor acting with a futuristic Robin Hood story. Cillian Murphy why this!!? Dull 5/10

Robin Hood 2 Stars Sorry, the gladiator magic's gone. Did Ridley got RH & Peter Pan mixed up? Good story to start but lost it.

Just watched 'Robin Hood' with Russell Crowe .. story told in a very different way .. very Ridley Scott .. 6/10 ..

Robin Hood-If only it had been 20 mins shorter, too many slow parts and not enough action. Decent enough story but no Gladiator. 6/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 25th May 2010

Robin Hood (2010) - Ponderous for almost 2 hours. Daft for 40 minutes. Solid enough but way short of expectations. ★★✩✩✩

incongruousm Reviewed by incongruousm
on 24th May 2010

Robin Hood 7/10 movie was more about the origin thn the legend. And king John was a super douche! Not too bad

Olidodger Reviewed by Olidodger
on 24th May 2010

Saw Robin Hood yesterday: Like gladiator, but with less character development and lighter on plot. Disappointing. 2.5/5

alxhill Reviewed by alxhill
on 22nd May 2010

Robin Hood.. Ridley Scott, your film just made it into my top 10!!

TomInc Reviewed by TomInc
on 17th May 2010

ROBIN HOOD : not really good. Russel Crowe & Cate Blanchett were totally wasted. tho I usually luv them both.

thamei Reviewed by thamei
on 13th May 2010

robin hood 4/10 sadly i was left disappointed. a slow plot and predictable scenes and characters. an introduction to a sequel seemingly

sidonaldson Reviewed by sidonaldson
on 13th May 2010

Went to the Robin Hood (2010) premiere. Didn't know it was in fact the prequel to Robin Hood. Not too spectacular, but enjoyable. 7/10

skandalouz Reviewed by skandalouz
on 13th May 2010

#RobinHood movie Sucks! lol, well it is an OK (3/10) if it wasn't named Robin Hood, being named that it is (1/10)

Shusmo Reviewed by Shusmo
on 13th May 2010

Robin Hood: 5/10. A grizzly Crowe leads a fine cast in a soft, sluggish epic tale with lifeless battles. Gladiator in the woods this is not.

Robin Hood. 6/10. And im being generous.

Russell Crowe in Robin Hood 10 years ago maybe, but in this incarnation he looks like he just got out of a convertable. short hair.

Hwk765 Reviewed by Hwk765
on 12th May 2010

Robin Hood - 8/10. NOT "Gladiator in the woods"! Not too serious, awesome beach battle, Ridley's England looks sublime & Marion kicks butt.

Alibianchi Reviewed by Alibianchi
on 12th May 2010

Robin Hood - enjoyable film, a strong 8/10.

mr_dr_dave Reviewed by mr_dr_dave
on 12th May 2010

Robin Hood is really good,once you get over Crowe's standard voice. Good battle scenes, good story,just right amount of action/romance 8/10

SMcGowan Reviewed by SMcGowan
on 12th May 2010

#RobinHood the movie was okay. Not as good as i expected.. But, quite entertaining (read:I wasn't fall asleep during the movie)

ara_nich Reviewed by ara_nich
on 12th May 2010

#RobinHood has all the elements of a good movie but it's definitely no Brave Heart. 3 Stars

datipjar Reviewed by datipjar
on 22nd April 2010