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The Expendables

29 reviews forThe Expendables (2010)

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Reviews for The Expendables (29)

Just watched 'The Expendables' .. mediocre story with poor direction and badly edited.. all star cast waisted .. 5/10 ..

The Expendables 3/10 Basically, this was rubbish.

The Expendables-5.5/10-Some of the action sequences are fun, but as a whole, it's mostly forgettable.

"The expendables" from the people who wrote the book on action films, it would have been nice to see something new.

megdryden Reviewed by megdryden
on 9th October 2010

The Expendables [] - guns, explosions, one-liners (though slightly random at times), and a cameo from Arnie. I Liked it. 8/10

: "The Expendables" (2010) [0.5/4] Totally unoriginal.Video-game violence.Cinematic trash.Shame on you, @TheSlyStallone. #movies

jmvarner Reviewed by jmvarner
on 31st August 2010

#theExpendables : Story C, Plot C, Actor B-, Action C.. Sorry to say, it's not special. Just glam actors unite in there.

ananDitoo Reviewed by ananDitoo
on 30th August 2010

: #Expendables There was a whole lot of testosterone that I came out 2 hrs later w/ a beard.... 4/10

5ummer Reviewed by 5ummer
on 29th August 2010

Expendables, quoting the great @rjharding Expendables was good old fashion man porn, Stallone knows what men love, lol

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 27th August 2010

OMG the expendables was phenomenal!!! If you have testicles, even if you don't, you NEED to see this one!!! #expendables #wow

bigshmexy Reviewed by bigshmexy
on 27th August 2010

#expendables Muscles, guns, trashtalk. And there are even women watching. No story though. Shutting down brain to enjoy this.

The Expendables - violence,buddies,violence,honour,violence and redemption - you get the idea.5 stars if that's your thing

lolmc Reviewed by lolmc
on 26th August 2010

ok its official .. the expendables COMPLETELY SUCKS ass. so watch ducks on the lake or grass growing for more entertainment

The Expendables-Enjoy it for what it is a throw back to the 80s. Limited story and lots of violence. Statham can act!? 7/10

Expendables. 3.5 stars. Well its a stallone / statham / li action film. Its very predictable, very silly and very watchable!

Paul_exp Reviewed by Paul_exp
on 22nd August 2010

So I saw Expendables earlier and came to the conclusion that you should go see Scott Pilgrim instead.

"The Expendables" A bunch of no brainer steroids. Just sitback, relax, and guess : who has the biggest gun?

Expendables = pretty much what u would expect for a full cast action packed Stalone joint. I give it 7 outta 10 blunts!

The Expendables delivers on all promises made by the cast and the premise. It's a lot of movie. 10 thumbs up.

“If you're looking for a #BigDumbGoodTime, you won't be disappointed.” - #RottenTomatoes #TheExpendables

Real talk beyond all belief the expendables was banging 8.5/10 only thing that dropped it was some effects where obvious looking!

The Expendables - Over the top action and sfx (second to none) but I wasn't expecting story and acting, and it wasn't there. 7/10. #JPMN

DanVeytia Reviewed by DanVeytia
on 17th August 2010

The Expendables should've been better - 1D characterisation, by-the-nos plot, mildy amusing lines and a few brief, good action scenes-5/10

the expendables: exactly what you expect. but with more plot holes. still an 11 out of 10 on badassery.

The Expendables - not amazing but decent action flick. Exciting fight scenes and lots of explosions

The expendables was as bad as i had thought...or maybe a little worse

jluna79 Reviewed by jluna79
on 15th August 2010

. Just saw the expendables. Balls to the wall action, cheesy one-liners, ridiculous plot..most fun I've had at movies all year!

expendables, is a movie from the 80's made for the present, take a cushion, not for you bum.. so you can sleep!, bad movie

phillhb Reviewed by phillhb
on 14th August 2010

I just watched the first sly film I enjoyed. #theexpendables kicked so much action non stop action. 8/10. Helluva ride. #wow

Kfunk2020 Reviewed by Kfunk2020
on 13th August 2010