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The Hurt Locker

36 reviews forThe Hurt Locker (2008)

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Reviews for The Hurt Locker (36)

Veterans Day related films at PYPL: The Hurt Locker, D-Day: The Total Story, True Grit, many others.

PYPL Reviewed by PYPL
on 12th November 2010

The Hurt Locker - Excellent look at some realities of war. Tense action, proper characters. Solid story. Great. ★★★★★

Hurt Locker (4/5) War drama - Bomb defusers in Iraq. Intense and made me think.

#TheHurtLocker This movie takes you right into the middle of a warzone. Disorienting with a constant sense of danger. 87/100

The Hurt Locked - 8/10. Builds fantastic levels of suspense, to keep you gripping your sofa, good action, reality of war. quality film

Hurt Locker= 4/5 Enlightening, well acted & dramatic w/o feeling preachy. Reminds me of Black Hawk Down, but not quite as good

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 11th May 2010

The Hurt locker - 8 of 10.

Olidodger Reviewed by Olidodger
on 2nd May 2010

The Hurt Locker - this won an Oscar why? Poor script, no plot, no realism. Interesting idea shit execution. 6/10

le_gazman Reviewed by le_gazman
on 11th April 2010

#hurt locker, not very engaging more hype than fun. 6/10

*(hurt locker)..overall, its certainly worth watchin', w/plenty of action/suspense, drama, & comedy for most to enjoy

CyrenYoung Reviewed by CyrenYoung
on 23rd March 2010

: the hurt locker. Heard a lot of hype about this indie, but decided to wait til the smoke cleared to check it out...

CyrenYoung Reviewed by CyrenYoung
on 23rd March 2010

Hurt Locker #Film , subtle plotting. Staged expertly. Pitchperfect acting. Character movie ,"action" disguise.

"The Hurt Locker" ~ Good, but didn't live up to the hype. 6.5/10

RebeccaFH Reviewed by RebeccaFH
on 1st March 2010

The Hurt Locker-9/10-Gripping portrayal of the Iraq war. Jeremy Renner turns in a brilliant performance.

- The Hurt Locker: **** A nuanced, believable and insightful exploration of the experiences of a bomb disposal squad in Iraq.

gcam77 Reviewed by gcam77
on 12th February 2010

The Hurt Locker- 3.5/5 Stars- An intense psychological war flick... Not much action, a thinker, I just didn't get too attached

The Hurt Locker: Great acting! I sometimes forgot I was watching actors.

5ummer Reviewed by 5ummer
on 9th February 2010

: the hurt locker 8.0

zoczanuj Reviewed by zoczanuj
on 7th February 2010

The Hurt Locker : ****

eebrah Reviewed by eebrah
on 3rd February 2010

Stop stop stop everything and watch "The Hurt Locker" now instead of later. It's brilliant visceral, moving, &tc.

The Hurt Locker was très fantastisch. Tense and interesting throughout. ***5

The Hurt Locker 9/10 It's an absolute crime more people haven't seen this. So see this. SEE THIS!

Just finished "the hurt locker". Decent movie, had me for most of the movie, lost me at times, good watch overall. #movie

TheTree Reviewed by TheTree
on 18th January 2010

Best film for me in 2009 so far - #hurtlocker. Tense. Real. Believable. Limited cliches. Good direction. Solid all the way.

The Hurt Locker: felt real, dramatic, & gritty, up till the end.. last thing u remember and it's totally unlike the rest.. B+?

Hurt Locker is top in the genre. Explores "war as drug" and hardships of combat in Iraq. Highly recommend.

Just watched 'The Hurt Locker' dragged on too long, no real story and not worth watching 3/10

The Hurt Locker, awsm movie abt a bomb disposal squad in Iraq, engrossing thriller, imprsv story, awsm acting. Must watch 8/10

aMjAZzz Reviewed by aMjAZzz
on 2nd January 2010

Hurt Locker-Excellent modern war movie about a bomb disposal team, very tense with some great scenes. A must watch if you can find it 9/10

The Hurt Locker: incredibly well-done, super intense. Highly recommend

THE HURT LOCKER (2009). Directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Theatre. 9/10 | #movie

The Hurt Locker 9/10. Best film of 2009 so far. The best movie made on the Iraq war. Just watch it!

The Hurt Locker - Edge of your seat from beginning to end. A war through the eyes of it's soldiers. Best film I've seen this year. 9.5/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 27th July 2009

"The Hurt Locker" 2.5 out of 5 Slow. Painfully slow. Intense at times. Not enough character development to make you care.

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 26th July 2009

The hurt locker 10/10. Amazing. The best war movie since Saving Private Ryan.

the hurt locker 7/10 decent stuff, not superb but the movie seems short for 2 hours duration

oleeoebi Reviewed by oleeoebi
on 20th June 2009