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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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Couples Retreat

7 reviews forCouples Retreat (2009)

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Reviews for Couples Retreat (7)

Couple's Retreat was funny! Me like. The shark scene was hilarious.

Just watched 'Couples Retreat' ... very funny film with a great cast ... better than expected... 7/10

Couples Retreat-4/10-The cast is game and the film has good intentions, but, for the most part, it forgets to be funny.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 11th April 2010

Couple's Retreat - fails as a comedy right off because it isn't funny. I didn't laugh once. Save your money and your soul. 3/10

- Couples Retreat - sh*t. Far too many serious moments outweighed the funny bits, which weren't that funny anyway. 5/10

Couples Retreat= 2 out of 5 A romantic comedy that's alittle light on the comedy and a little heavy on the romantic cliches.

Couples Retreat - From dull to preachy with barely a laugh along the way. Predictable and oh so disappointing. Shame. ★✩✩✩✩