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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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41 reviews for2012 (2009)

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Reviews for 2012 (41)

TED - by far the funniest movie of 2012. Family guy fans will love this film. Talking bear causes havoc 9/10

2012: Complete waste of time. Thoroughly disaster movie by the numbers.

chainholder Reviewed by chainholder
on 18th June 2011

recently saw 2012 salavaged by Woody Harrelson it is a comedy by mistake. Solid SFX, unable to suspend disbelief: C-

Trinatas Reviewed by Trinatas
on 9th October 2010

2012: tsunamis are scary dude. Especially when they're on globally scale. However, I can understand why people didnt like it...

miniash89 Reviewed by miniash89
on 8th August 2010

'2012' ~ Absurd, over-the-top, but not as awful as I expected. 5.5/10

RebeccaFH Reviewed by RebeccaFH
on 30th July 2010

The movie 2012- great example of a movie spending all it's money on special effects and none on the cast or script.

Strawn4u Reviewed by Strawn4u
on 16th July 2010

2012= 3/5 An entertaining romp with decent acting & amazing special effects. Probably the best since Independence Day.

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 11th May 2010

#2012 was really entertaining, Special Effects were on point! But def a end of days type flick lol

CTManinNYC Reviewed by CTManinNYC
on 13th April 2010

2012 is The Day After Tomorrow meets Posiedon

ABHokie Reviewed by ABHokie
on 11th April 2010

2012- A big budget doesn't save this end of world disaster movie from being boring. Watch Day After Tomorrow instead. 5/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 1st April 2010

2012 (8/10) Fun to watch! Woody Harelson was hilarious. Still having a hard time with Danny Glover as President.

2012-4/10-Appealing leads and neat visual effects cannot mask what this really is: a long, dumb, mean-spirited disaster pic.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 10th March 2010

2012 6/10 Brilliant plot points, terrible writing. Should have been better for what it could have been.

As u all know I realllly love my #films,am a bit of a movie geek, I'd give 2012 *** 3star!

Just watched '2012' .. what an awesome film .. up there with the greats .. 2 1/2 hours of brilliance .. 9/10

#2012 movie advisable for peopel who like to see for two hours only special effects...

: 2012 - spectacularly impossible movie to keep people on edge of seat. Concept interesting, but result standard. Verdict: so/so

2012 1/10. Amazingly bad. Don't think I've ever seen anything this bad.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 7th December 2009

2012 (2009). Directed by Roland Emmerich. Theatre. 4/10 | #movie

"2012": total letdown. Big special effects, but that doesn't make the story any better. 5 out of 10.

#2012 is am amazing movie with out of the world graphics. My rating: 8/10.must watch for all. #movie #hollywood

_anish Reviewed by _anish
on 5th December 2009

2012.. Worst movie ever!!

TomInc Reviewed by TomInc
on 25th November 2009

2012 6/10 Wow. If you ignore the ridiculous story line, dumbing down and general OTT this film is good. Amazing effects and sounds!

: 2012 - 9/10. Cheesy, but good cheese. On-the-edge-of-your-seat-really-exciting cheese.

Have just seen 2012...It's a popcorn film ,but with amazing effects...Good effort 9/10....Great disaster movie with a message !!!

@OanaGabriela yeah I saw 2012 on saturday night. Thought it was going to be ace but turns out silly storyline. Good effects tho....7/10 too

Watched 2012. Giving it 2/10: Not worth $17, a blockbuster it isn't. Formulaic and cliched at best.

Watched #2012 last night. Awesome special effects but storyline was a bit shakey? 7/10


2012, not an Oscar movie obviously, but emerich has really learned how to make a great disaster movie

Decided #2012 is worth a look - solid 1st half, some tension, amazing FX, but loses it's way 2nd half. On par with Deep Impact.

#2012 For 120 minutes, 2012 is the single greatest disaster movie ever put on the big screen. Then the third act occurs. A-

"2012": it sucked. save your money.

I saw 2012 last night. Must miss. No talk of Planet X, Nirubu, or aliens. Could have been so much better. Predictable. .

"2012" is a long movie but so worth it!! I'll give it 10/10 O_O!

2012 was huge!!! A non stop roller coaster! 9.0 outta 10 Tsunamis! See it!

Gonna give "2012" a 7 out of 10. It opened my eyes to appriciate everything life brings. ♥

Just Got Back From Watching "2012" Movie Is Long 3Hrs Long, But Overall It's a 7 of 10

Dj_Rlee Reviewed by Dj_Rlee
on 13th November 2009

Review: 2012 - Like Independence Day with a planet instead of aliens and The Day After Tomorrow with planets instead of weather. [4/10]

2012: If the clichés were a bit less, this could have been a masterpiece. MUST be seen on the big screen. ) 7/10

5ummer Reviewed by 5ummer
on 13th November 2009

#2012 : everything you heard is true - awful story but 1000% intense VFX-porn worthy of admission price on it's own...

demis Reviewed by demis
on 12th November 2009