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52 reviews forInception (2010)

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Reviews for Inception (52)

Paprika 9/10 Dream world merges with reality. Hard to follow at times but fantastic. Inspired Nolan to make Inception.

Inception. Great idea, well executed. Did Cobb get out? V good but no need to watch again. 8.5/10

Inception-Even better on second viewing. One of the few must see movies of 2010. Brilliant story and visuals 10/10

Just watched 'Inception' .. an unusual story of a dream within a dream.. extremely well written and filmed.. 8/10 ..

Watched #Inception. Awesome. 9/10. Highly recommended

Sasanga Reviewed by Sasanga
on 1st November 2010

had my brain ticking watching Inception. Mind blowing film! Excellent in everyway! I may need to watch it again! :D 4.5/5

eleonor Reviewed by eleonor
on 24th August 2010

Inception 8/10 (I agree with @emwa - but perhaps she made me think I did?)

sk8geek Reviewed by sk8geek
on 22nd August 2010

Inception 8/10 A visually stunning film which is dark, complex &amp very intense. A second viewing maybe required. Leo delivers again!

Inception. 9/10. Wonderfully crafted voyage of intermeshed realities. Flow is complex but not misleading. Cast &amp crew all excellent

stu_ Reviewed by stu_
on 16th August 2010

: Do not waste your money on "Inception". Yea it was deep on dreams. I fell asleep on and was dreamin I was somewher else!!!

: Inception- well-made dream w/in a dream flick. Mostly avoids "it was all just a dream" conundrum I despise.

ggroovin Reviewed by ggroovin
on 15th August 2010

: Inception 12/10. Ya, that's right...12/10! It's smart, innovative, and thrilling. What’s your rating?

#Inception DiCaprio is Dr. McDreamy in this visually stunning movie. Snowpart a bit to Bond-ish 90/100

Inception 9/10 Bucket loads of awesome. Matrix meets Oceans 11 but cooler. Crazy story told really well and not confusing

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 11th August 2010

#Inception 8/10 cause the story/concept is brilliant&kicks ass!! It loses 2p for having too many unrealistic shooting scenes.

BabsiS Reviewed by BabsiS
on 9th August 2010

Inception was pretty good.

domparry Reviewed by domparry
on 8th August 2010

"Inception" 4 of 5 stars. A thinker! Mind blowing effects! Awesome action! Still felt it could have been pushed further.

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 6th August 2010

Inception is good but its not THAT good! #movie #inception #matrix #leonardodicaprio #nolan

Inception - I don't understand all the fuss - I was bored. #film #movie

Inception 9/10 Yeah... not sure what to say. There are some shots that really caught me by surprise. Nolan's a genius.

SeriousStu Reviewed by SeriousStu
on 2nd August 2010

Inception - Refreshingly intelligent action thrill. Original, disorienting, superbly realised &amp totally brilliant ★★★★★

inception is amazing special affects, action, story line all simply amazing in my opinion a must see movie #epic: #movier...

inception is amazing special affects, action, story line all simply amazing in my opinion a must see movie #epic

AnimeStar4 Reviewed by AnimeStar4
on 2nd August 2010

#inception very very well done. highly recommended. smoke weed before it. yea i said it, illegal marijuana makes movies better.

dubcomm Reviewed by dubcomm
on 1st August 2010

Inception 9/10 How can I review this film in less than 140 characters? Amazing.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 1st August 2010

- "Inception" is a mental thrill ride lined with visually captivating twists and plot thickening turns. A definite thinker! B+

DefPrime Reviewed by DefPrime
on 1st August 2010

Just saw Inception...or did I? Like beautifully crafted nesting dolls, with a surprising emotional core. A+. #inception

randyps27 Reviewed by randyps27
on 1st August 2010

Just saw Inception...or did I? Like beautifully crafted nesting dolls, with a surprising emotional core. A+. #inception

rhogroupee Reviewed by rhogroupee
on 1st August 2010

Inception - Amazingly inspirative! Between Inspiration of reality and Propaganda. Rather provocative though

Inception 9/10 - it really makes you think!

Since it's , I have to suggest you go out and see #Inception, It's one of the best I've seen in some time..

DellU_PA Reviewed by DellU_PA
on 30th July 2010

Inception was awesome!

destarissa Reviewed by destarissa
on 30th July 2010

Inception!!! Very very Good Movie...I think I need to find a "totem" for my self... Leonardo Rocks!!! #Inception #Leonardo

ayajshaikh Reviewed by ayajshaikh
on 29th July 2010

Inception was definitely epic.

NeenaLeee Reviewed by NeenaLeee
on 29th July 2010

#Inception lived up to the hype. Loved it. A dream production! 4.5 stars.

For anybody who cares... I saw "Inception" last night and thought it was great. Mind-bending plot, great effects, etc.

leftbutton Reviewed by leftbutton
on 29th July 2010

Inception was... What Dreams may Come goes Matrix trapped inside FLATliners...a Mind Fuck that made me feel cheap. #Fail

La_Divinita Reviewed by La_Divinita
on 25th July 2010

Inception (5/5) Sci-cogical thriller - Men sharing dreams... hehe. If you were breath taken by Matrix, you'll love this.

INCEPTION is a WHOOAAA!!! Kinda confusing. Cool. Unpredictable. 8/10

I love Inception!!!!! I love it. I love it. I love it. 9/10

Inception (2009) - Multilayered film where Nolan again shows he is one of the best writers/directors working today. 9/10.

oyvsto Reviewed by oyvsto
on 22nd July 2010

#Inception is simply exceptional! Great acting, amazing photography, awesome storylyine and a brilliant finale! 10/10 Go see it

ThisIsEnzo Reviewed by ThisIsEnzo
on 21st July 2010

In Inception, there are two pairs of children cast as Cobb's kids. A director's insight that the last scene isn't a dream?

Inception. A must see. Bit confusing at start but some use of cgi.

#inception def worth a visit to the cinema for and I HATE going to the cinema 5*

Inception - loved it - go see it - prepared to have your brain turned to mush

revision: inception: 9.5 complexly spectacular. my mind is still racing and my blood is still boiling.

zoczanuj Reviewed by zoczanuj
on 18th July 2010

: inception: 9.5 simply spectacular! i would watch this again and again!

zoczanuj Reviewed by zoczanuj
on 18th July 2010

Inception-9/10-Thrilling and thought-provoking. Another winner for Christopher Nolan.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 18th July 2010

"Inception": 5 out of 5

AceXXI Reviewed by AceXXI
on 17th July 2010

INCEPTION (2010). Directed by Christopher Nolan. Theatre. 10/10 | #movie

bradschjoth Reviewed by bradschjoth
on 17th July 2010

Inception - There's some Matrix and Vanilla Sky but Nolan makes ideas new and far more interesting then they have any business being 9.75/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 16th July 2010