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Dorian Gray

9 reviews forDorian Gray (2009)

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Reviews for Dorian Gray (9)

- Dorian Gray - 4/10 - Bloody slow. Would have actually stopped watching it if it wasn't for Colin Firth.

Danbo Reviewed by Danbo
on 6th March 2011

Just watched "Dorian Gray" ... personally thought it was way too slow, but the family loved it ... 6/10

Dorian Gray 2,5/5. Could have much better if they didn't put in the B-horror elements. Colin Firth does a good job ruining Gray

Dorian Gray - A very very slow, plodding film about an annoying cunt who acts like a spoiled brat, awful. 2/10

Dorian Gray (2009) - Conservative adaptation. The portrait is sidelined & the descent unconvincing. Firth is excellent 6/10

Dorian Gray: Based on Oscar Wilde's classic. A young man trades his soul 2 d devil in xchange 4 eternal youth n beauty. 8.5/10

GKakad Reviewed by GKakad
on 14th September 2009

Dorian Gray gets 6/10. Not worth going to the movies for. Save your cash.

Just got home from the cinema after watching Dorian Gray... was alright. I liked a lot of stuff about it, but as a film I give it 7/10

Just been to see "Dorian Gray". Okay movie. Didn't really excite me in any sense, but not something I hated. 6/10