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56 reviews forAvatar (2009)

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Reviews for Avatar (56)

Avatar - 8/10. Although unique, it's a seen it, heard that movie. Makes you wanna BE Pandorian though.

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 7th August 2010

Avatar 7/10 Amazing visually but the themes are forced &amp a bit... questionable. I learnt that blue aliens are sexy though.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 5th July 2010

In the #AvatarLastAirBender, they mispronounced they names! Equivalent to Chinese people calling Bruce Wayne Brice Wong! ROFL

ManeManBaze Reviewed by ManeManBaze
on 3rd July 2010

Avatar: Planet in peril, A visual spectacle, Revamped old story. 3.5/4 #movie #moviehaiku

Toadymac Reviewed by Toadymac
on 28th May 2010

Avatar 10/10 an absolute must see for everyone. outstanding visual effects, really no bad points apart from it's too good.

goal_monkey Reviewed by goal_monkey
on 20th May 2010

Avatar 8/10 would have been better if they showed more explsions

Olidodger Reviewed by Olidodger
on 9th May 2010

Just watched 'Avatar' .. not a bad film, but take away the FX and it's a very basic story .. little disappointed .. 6/10

Avatar 8.5/10 (would have been 9 but for the appalling end titles song)

grumpymandj Reviewed by grumpymandj
on 2nd May 2010

: Avatar 10 out of 10 Great story, cinematography, and great plot. Only the 3rd 10/10 I've given.

C_Sermon Reviewed by C_Sermon
on 27th April 2010

Avatar - An absolute feast visually, in a wonderfully imaginative world. This is a BIG screen must see.★★★★✩

x3player Reviewed by x3player
on 2nd February 2010

Avatar - 2nd viewing: Better, more powerful. And it gets a rating boost. A must see. 10/10

admoman Reviewed by admoman
on 1st February 2010

Avatar - Visually astounding, narratively bereft. Such technical splendour with age-old story &amp clunky scripting. ★★★✩✩

Avatar in 3d - simply beautiful 8/10

Avatar - "Did I just pay $11.50 to watch furry porn in 3-D?" #critic

Avatar-9/10-The film's visual strength is more than enough to combat minor plot issues.

MY take on Avatar: Charlie Manson meets Laurence of Arabia. #avatar #movies #cameron #racism

Finally saw Avatar tonight. Went in a sceptic, came out thoroughly impressed. Well worth a watch.

: Avatar. 10/10. "Mia gives it 2 thumbs up!"

Wow avatar is the best big blue catmonkey smurf film I have seen in ages

Avatar was the most visually stunning movie I have ever seen. A good story and decent enough acting. 3.5/4 stars

Toadymac Reviewed by Toadymac
on 11th January 2010

Avatar was a bit overrated, to me. Beautifully crafted, however! B-.

My verdict on #Avatar? 8/10. Must see.

mr_gadget Reviewed by mr_gadget
on 9th January 2010

Avatar (recap), Most people who see it don't want to leave the theater, we want more, certainly not Oscar, but definately a drug

MovieJuv Reviewed by MovieJuv
on 6th January 2010

- Avatar - astonishing visually, but why couldn't they have a decent script to go with it? Still entertaining, but frustratingly

Avatar 9/10. I really loved this movie. The 3D effects was fucking amazing. They made the movie so beautiful.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 4th January 2010

Avatar 3D 7/10 Awesome, eventually. It took over an hour for my opinion to change from average.

Danbo Reviewed by Danbo
on 4th January 2010

Avatar: saw it in 3D, and that's the only part I liked.

bburbank Reviewed by bburbank
on 3rd January 2010

Avatar - watch in IMAX 3D, it's jaw-dropping. 3D works and this is one hell of a vehicle to prove it. Damn good sci-fi. 10/10

le_gazman Reviewed by le_gazman
on 2nd January 2010

Avatar (3D) - Amazing SFX. Great concept. Heavy-handed execution. I prefer *some* subtley. Want to see again. 8.5/10

admoman Reviewed by admoman
on 30th December 2009

Just saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. Probably best cinematic experience I've had so far. Plot and acting are maybe 8/10, but whole package is a 9.5

Avatar!!! The best film I've ever seen!!!! We can learn a thing or 2 about ourselfs & the way we treat our planet!

AVATAR (2009). Directed by James Cameron. Theatre/3-D. 8/10 | #movie

#Avatar 3D, transports u to another world! Great story with even beta 3D special effects! 9/10,

: Avatar, a visual, technical Cameron spectacle. A Story that is quite relevant with the current times! Must Watch 8/10

aMjAZzz Reviewed by aMjAZzz
on 23rd December 2009

Avatar 8.5/10 Awesome effects, a must in see in 3D. Cool idea and very well executed. Forgot I was in the cinema.

Avatar- amazing visuals and sound so so story. A film you should watch on the big screen 8/10

#Avatar - really cheesey but it doesn't matter with it looking so damn beautiful + good action + 3d specs rule. 8/10

Avatar B+ Stunning visuals make preachy themes, a cliche script, and predictable story still entertaining and watch-able again.

Avatar = 4.5 out of 5 A breathtaking film that redefines the meaning of epic. CG realism that rivals the awe of Jurassic Park.

#Avatar Great movie 9/10! Awesome CGi. I would recommend for everyone to see...but only once!

#Avatar 6,5/10. Not ground breaking at all. Predictable. But unfortunately I kinda liked it. Despite the ugly character design

#Review #avatar 5***** AWESOME 3D makes u kinda cross eyed, but brilliant film, and amasing visual experiance =D go watch it!!!

Avatar - *extremely* nice visuals and animation, but corny theme. 7/10. #avatar

Saw Avatar. Unparalleled CGI. Atrocious soundtrack. CCH Pounder. All in all, a very good time.

It isnt that the story and acting of #avatar is run of the mill or mediocre. its awful, should have spent 10 million or so on writing

#Avatar stunning ahead of it's time sam worthington & Sigourney weaver both were brilliant

ez1985 Reviewed by ez1985
on 18th December 2009

Avatar 3D, girl on the way out, "That's the first time I forgot I was in a theater". Me, I immediately wanted to see it again.

Just saw Avatar in HK IMAX. 9/10. Something for everyone :)

Avatar just set a new bar for movies. It was visually incredible. See it in 3D & in IMAX if you can. It will make your top 10 I guarantee.

Avatar: 8/10, much better than I thought. Being 3D doesn't hurt lol.

jajison Reviewed by jajison
on 18th December 2009

Avatar was awesome! 10/10

aklyon Reviewed by aklyon
on 18th December 2009

6.5/10 for avatar, kinda disappointing imho,way too lengthy but amazing cgi effect,no wonder he waited 15 years

nDemus Reviewed by nDemus
on 18th December 2009

Avatar was amazing. 9.2/10. I recommend everyone go and see it, especially in 3-D.

Alonely Reviewed by Alonely
on 18th December 2009

#Avatar. Its not just a movie its an experience. Wouldn't mind spending heavy bucks for an other show. A #MustWatch :)

Avatar has disappointing 3D, inane dialog, and a predictable ending. Not a complete waste of time, but not a great movie. 5/10.

Avatar 6/10 Awesome visuals, but I guess I just don't like traitors to there own kind.