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The Crazies

8 reviews forThe Crazies (2010)

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Reviews for The Crazies (8)

Just watched 'The Crazies' .. very much like an american 28 day's later... very slow plot and a bit annoying.. 5/10 ..

I watched 'The Crazies' the other night, it started out kinda boring but then it got creepy good. I'd recommend it!

ssscorvus Reviewed by ssscorvus
on 27th July 2010

Yesterdays #thecrazies 7/10 solid thriller. Worth checking out. Nothing original but told in the correct way.

Kfunk2020 Reviewed by Kfunk2020
on 18th May 2010

The Crazies =3.5 out of 5 A solid action/horror film that dosent avoid cliche but manages to be memorable w/ good characters

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 22nd March 2010

The Crazies: Small town Iowa + zombie(ish) mayhem = a super fun movie.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 13th March 2010

the film "the crazies" was pretty decent. Reminded me of a "outbreak" with a tons of gore, and slight elements of horror. Lol

I saw, The Crazies. The movie was crazy! :)

L8teRz Reviewed by L8teRz
on 9th March 2010

"The Crazies" 4.25 out of 5 stars. Action Horror Thriller w/ Zombies, Government conspiracies, Revenge, Buddies, and Lovers!