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42 reviews forUp (2009)

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Reviews for Up (42)

Last of the Mohicans 5/5 Classic, Epic and in my all time top ten... even the damn panpipes #WellingUpHere

The Ides of March-Ups and downs of US politics. #Hoffman and #Giamatti are excellent. #Clooney is becoming a good director 7.5/10

Up 9.5/10 Soooo sad? I never thought a cartoon could effect me so much. Imaginative, witty and clever WIN WIN WIN

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 14th May 2010

Just watched Disney's 'UP', a very sad and moving cartoon about an old man who moves his house, very funny and sad.. 8/10

UP= 4/5 Despite floating houses, talking dogs & gravity defying physics, its a realistic & emtional film for the whole family

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 12th April 2010

: Up in the Air: Smart and witty. As soon as I get into it, it gets bad. It redeems itself and ends appropriately perfect. B+

Didn't expect to be #Up to be so great 9/10 !!!!

korkse Reviewed by korkse
on 12th March 2010

RT @ bigstartv Race to 1,000 Friends Heats Up! #BIGSTARtv #FF

goldone Reviewed by goldone
on 8th March 2010

RT @bigstartv: Race to 1,000 Friends Heats Up! #BIGSTARtv #FF

GeekChic21 Reviewed by GeekChic21
on 8th March 2010

Up - Slick Pixar film about an old man chasing his dream. Actually quite sad and depressing in places, no Monsters inc 5/10

Up 10/10 fantastic piece of art! Incredible score

Up In The Air 4.5/5. Great and refreshing romcom/drama. Stands out in the genre. Clooney is perfect for the part. Top10 of 2009

Up in the Air = 4 out of 5 A funny & thought provoking story that seems to mean something different to every viewer. Impressive

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 3rd January 2010

Up in the Air: lonliness and placelessness. Also, more movies should have cameos from Cut Chemist and Young M.C.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 3rd January 2010

Recently saw Up. Was yet another amazing Pixar movie. 5/5

#Watching #UP Watching alone provokes hot, streaming tears, incessant giggles and heavy sighs. A fave. Lovely. Just lovely.

Up: 9/10. Emotional, hilarious, moving, fun. Perfect blend for an animated movie. Must watch.

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 18th November 2009

UP is 10/10 really good heartwarming film.

Up - 10/10 - Best animated film of the year. One of Pixar's best.

Niff_T Reviewed by Niff_T
on 11th November 2009

Up 7/10 Starts off cute, sweet, depressing, then funny from there. Enjoyable and tear jerking, some jokes felt recycled.

Just watched UP... Amazingly done! Pure awesomeness, go watch it! 9/10 #UP #pixar

Up - Wonderful! Pixar prove again to be master storytellers. Touching, entertaining & beautiful. Sweet characters. ★★★★★

Up: Pixar needs to relax, lay off a bit. Felt like emotions were being forcibly wrung from me. The house was the best character

Saw #Up today with @4yearold. We both enjoyed it. Good thing to do on a wet Thursday afternoon.

"Up" 10/10 (im a sucker for a good cartoon, but this is just plain great writing, animating, etc )

112792 Reviewed by 112792
on 16th August 2009

I just Saw Disney Pixar's UP in 3D. Simply Put... Stunning! Great Story, Memorable Characters. Fun!! Highly recommend it. 8.75 out of 10!

UP has lifted my spirits! BEST PIXAR EVER! I wanna watch this 10 times in 3D

chrsHDkim Reviewed by chrsHDkim
on 5th June 2009

Just saw Pixar's new film UP. 7.5/10 very reasonable.

"Up" is beautiful, funny and touching. The first act alone is worth the price of admission.

karstendick Reviewed by karstendick
on 4th June 2009

If you want a good cry, you only have to wait like 5-10 minutes in Disney/Pixar's Up!

Up (2009) 9/10 A rare gem, this latest and greatest pixar masterwork is a symphony of laughs tears and emotions. The 3D animation is great!

Up (2009) 9/10 A rare gem, this latest and greatest pixar masterwork is a symphony of laughs tears and emotions. The 3D animation is great!

UP - between Monsters Inc. And WALL-E on my pixar movie scale. Very creative, but I expected more. 4/5 Woody's (or 3/4 Buzz's)

mickzilla Reviewed by mickzilla
on 1st June 2009

UP! 10/10

sproxton Reviewed by sproxton
on 1st June 2009

"Up" is the most heartfelt Pixar movie I have ever seen. Very strong moral themes. It will make you cry, trust me 9.8/10

ScottyRoar Reviewed by ScottyRoar
on 1st June 2009

UP in 3D review: another great PIXAR film, 3D looked awesome, great story, funny & lots of heart, preview trailer doesnt do it justice. 9/10

syxpack Reviewed by syxpack
on 1st June 2009

Pixar's Up was brilliant - if you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for?? gogoooo the first 10 minutes are worth it alone. &lt3

clarephile Reviewed by clarephile
on 31st May 2009

I really enjoyed "Up", even if it did make me cry. Good movie! #up

kirilaw Reviewed by kirilaw
on 31st May 2009

"UP" 5 out of 5 stars! WOW!!!

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 30th May 2009

Damn you Pixar. Not even 10 minutes in to your movie and you made me cry. Up was amazing. Just go see it.

blueben Reviewed by blueben
on 29th May 2009

Wow pixar is 10-0 on awesomeness. Up was sooo good. Hilarious and depressing all at once GO SEE IT.

Just saw Pixar's UP! Awesome! They can not make a bad film. This is #10 in a row!