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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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All (38) Reviews from @takerdemon

Prometheus - Stylish, visually stunning, tense and totally gripping. Some unven performances but Fassbender is sublime.

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 17th June 2012

The Descendants - Quirky, funny & charming even with difficult subject matter. Strong cast turns especially Clooney. 8/10

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story - As camp as Lee's own films but makes for nice light entertainment... with Kung-Fu! 6.5/10

Super - quirky, reasonably realistic and funny kick-ass style flick with horror style gore! Page is a delight. 7/10

Shame - Meandering, dull tosh. Acting isn't bad but the pace, editing & dialogue are piss-poor. Nearly walked out. 2/10

jackass 3 - More of the same but turned up to 11. Uses 3D as intended, as a full on gimmick. Gross but quite funny. 6/10

the ides of march - engaging and well paced political drama with a sterling cast on good form. Solid score also. 7.5/10

Leon - Wonderfully acted by all and strangely touching, humanistic story. Watch the long version for the full bite. 9/10

going the distance - inoffensive and charming rom-com if slightly vacuous. Mildly crass 2nd act lets the rest down. 5.5/10

The Inbetweeners Movie - Just like a long episode of the show... that's a good thing! Crude &amp Gag-tastic througout! 8/10

Gremlins - Wonderfully dark monster comedy. Looks dated but oozes charm &amp character whilst capturing 80's zeitgeist. 8/10

Captain America: The First Avenger - A shameless ad for 'The Avengers' but a perfectly entertaining romp while it lasts.

Nell - strong story, beautiful score and solid acting throughout. Jodie Foster is tremendous. Touching and warm. 8/10

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 24th July 2011

Gremlins 2 - light, entertaining & self-parodying. Different to the first film in most ways but still LOTS of fun! 8/10

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 5th July 2011