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Green Zone

14 reviews forGreen Zone (2010)

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Reviews for Green Zone (14)

Green Zone-7.5/10-Tough to follow at times, but compelling nonetheless.

Green Zone:Enjoyable wartime thriller with Matt Damon, who searches for the infamous WMD &amp deals with a G’ment cover-up 7/10

Green Zone - Fast moving action in Iraq war. Could the plot be truer than it seems? Very enjoyable.★★★★✩

x3player Reviewed by x3player
on 3rd April 2010

: Green Zone- great 1st person view of behind-the-scenes maneuvers & lies behind Iraq war. Oh, and there's action!

ggroovin Reviewed by ggroovin
on 2nd April 2010

Green Zone - Mostly excellent action sequences with solid if eventually overcooked political plot. Well worth a watch ★★★★✩

: "Green Zone" (2010) [2.5/4] Welcome to Iraq circa 2003ish. Tries too hard to be an action film. Interesting story. #movies

jmvarner Reviewed by jmvarner
on 27th March 2010

Green Zone: I was SO lost I felt like such an airhead! :-(

miniash89 Reviewed by miniash89
on 24th March 2010

Green Zone interesting but forgettable... it's no Syriana

found GREEN ZONE too simplistic re. lies+politics preceding the Iraq invasion, but a well-made & compelling film nonetheless.

Ketzigirl Reviewed by Ketzigirl
on 21st March 2010

Green Zone 6/10 government is bad felt like an ep of the shield set in iraq

mich4el108 Reviewed by mich4el108
on 14th March 2010

Green Zone, Good, film ini berani menyatakan jika Senjata Pemusnah Massal tidak ada, Dan Amerika Berbohong dlm perang irak

Green zone-Damon and Greengrass team up again this time to sort out Iraq. A decent thriller but not enough action to be great 7/10

Green Zone 7/10. It's no Hurt Locker but still a great war movie. I really like Mr Damon.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 12th March 2010

Green Zone - Great action thriller based on the 2003 Iraq war. Strong on all fronts but too much shaky-cam Mr.Greengrass! 8/10

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 11th March 2010