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Public Enemies

34 reviews forPublic Enemies (2009)

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Reviews for Public Enemies (34)

Public Enemy: Poor misguided youth, All looking out for themselves, Still apt P.S.A. 3.5/4 #movie #moviehaiku

Toadymac Reviewed by Toadymac
on 28th May 2010

Public Enemies 5/10 Slick but dull, well acted but boring. Stylish film that felt 3x as long as it should be. Good but bad

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 15th March 2010

Public Enemies-7.5/10-There's not much in terms of character development, but the film is thoroughly intriguing.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 8th March 2010

"Public Enemies" 8/10 (I'm still digesting the end... =( but got to love it. Johnny Depp is the best)

Public Enemies 7/10 Good but not great, and that's all I have to say about it.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 21st November 2009

Public Enemies: 7/10. Fast paced, decent acting. Sometimes hyperbolic. Direction messy. Too many gunshots (my ears rang) Overall ok.

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 18th November 2009

#public #enemies, long slow pointless dull movie! At a loss to explain what it was about! Thought John d money in bank? 2/10.

Public Enemies- Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in a story about gangster John Dillinger, great story, a little long. Need to watch it twice!

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 28th July 2009

Public enemies 7/10. Amazing cast, but lack of action. I expected more.

#PublicEnemies wasn't up to all the hype.

ErosSophia Reviewed by ErosSophia
on 23rd July 2009

Public Enemies feels as though I should like it more. Plenty to like but ultimately found it disappointing. Cotillard = Great.

Public Enimies: Solid crime epic rendered slightly cold by it's visual style and choice of film stock.

dinglesurf Reviewed by dinglesurf
on 11th July 2009

Public Enemies. 6.5/10. Gritty at times. Typical wonderful gun fights from Mann. Story & characters are not truly developed

stu_ Reviewed by stu_
on 8th July 2009

Public Enemies was really good... 9/10 because of christian bale's terrible accent but you get over it about halfway through the film

BTW, just saw Public Enemies. It was better than expected, but could have used better character development. 7/10

Milan08 Reviewed by Milan08
on 8th July 2009

Took in Public Enemies - quite good. Like Jesse James, Hollywood brings out the best in bad dudes. 7.5/10

progers71 Reviewed by progers71
on 6th July 2009

Public Enemies - Digital film kept pulling me out of the story. Good performances. Sound designer fell asleep during some sequences. 7.5/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 6th July 2009

Public enemies# a movie that has something rare for an 09 summer movie...acting and plot...not amazing but worth your time and money. 6.5/10

#PublicEnemies - long on watch but not on mind, Johnny Depp nothing short of brilliant, Marie Cotillard reminds us why she won an Oscar

twosix Reviewed by twosix
on 6th July 2009

PublicEnemies:HD and handheld camera adds a unique style. Characters and many plot points disappointingly underdeveloped. 7/10

jasoncoburn Reviewed by jasoncoburn
on 5th July 2009

Home from seeing Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. Really did not enjoy it. Long, poor camera work, Bale's accent was terrible. 3 out of 10.

jonnyoliver Reviewed by jonnyoliver
on 5th July 2009

Public Enemies wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Too long. Johnny Depp is not bad too look at.

DoubleVnTx Reviewed by DoubleVnTx
on 3rd July 2009

just saw Public Enemies!! very good movie. i highly recomend everyone watches it.

Firefly171 Reviewed by Firefly171
on 3rd July 2009

public enemies, a colossal missed opportunity. perfect cast, great script, trashed by almost hilarious digital cinematography

zacclark Reviewed by zacclark
on 3rd July 2009

Just finished watching public enemies, was pretty good, not feeling those new camera styles tho lol, still think the untouchables is better

iDREWonyou Reviewed by iDREWonyou
on 3rd July 2009

"Public Enemies" 3.5 out of 5 stars. Interesting insight into a criminal mind. If you want an action film this is NOT it.

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 3rd July 2009

PublicEnemies (6/10) is like Rd 2 Perdition with the music of MulhoDrive. Big actor Depp/Hanks. Next big thing Bale/Law. Actual Sting/Newman

Public Enemies, Love Michael Mann's movies, this one is another gritty real and almost romantic in the sense of days gone by

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 2nd July 2009

#publicenemies a fine effort from Michael Mann although a little bland. Depp, Graham & Cotillard are all solid. Bale - underwhelming. 7/10

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 2nd July 2009

just got back from PUBLIC ENEMIES press screening. Good movie, nice soundtrack, superb acting from Depp & Bale. I gave it 7.5/10.

titisapto Reviewed by titisapto
on 2nd July 2009

Public Enemies was entertaining, but ling and kind of shallow. 7 out of 10.

not12x Reviewed by not12x
on 2nd July 2009

Public Enemies [2009, Mann] 6/10 #movie #film

bradschjoth Reviewed by bradschjoth
on 2nd July 2009

Michael Mann certainly knows how to set up a shot and always gets the most out of his actors, which makes Public Enemies a solid flick. 7/10

public enemies gets a 7/10 in my book

jAyOhBeE87 Reviewed by jAyOhBeE87
on 2nd July 2009