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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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I Love You Phillip Morris

11 reviews forI Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

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Reviews for I Love You Phillip Morris (11)

Colpo di fulmine - Il mago della truffa / I Love You Phillip Morris 8/10 jim carrey docet #film

Raro79 Reviewed by Raro79
on 16th February 2012

I Love You Phillip Morris 6/10 This film had good moments & was kinda funny but i was left bored. Great on-screen kiss though lol

I #love you #Phillip Morris, funny & quirky gay rom com. Strange movie funny in bits but ultimately frustrating. 6/10,

: I love you philip morris: is als catch me if you can, minder achtervolging, met homo's en meer humor. en obi wan kanobi. leuk

debolke Reviewed by debolke
on 7th June 2010

'I love you Philip Morris' - A fair few hearty laughs but the film drags due to too many long, insufferable story scenes.5.5/10

takerdemon Reviewed by takerdemon
on 22nd March 2010

I love you I Love You Phillip Morris (9/10).

unmurdered Reviewed by unmurdered
on 20th March 2010

'I Love You, Phillip Morris' was a very strange but hilarious romantic comedy. Can't believe it was a true story. 7/10.

: I Love You Philip Morris...has a lot to live up to after The Crazies, Shutter Island and Remember Me

hannahbk Reviewed by hannahbk
on 19th March 2010

Tweet-review of I Love You Phillip Morris - Carrey and McGregor are *the* cutest. 8/10 #films

ellefie Reviewed by ellefie
on 19th March 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris - The humor was tired & boring. Neither Carrey or McGregor delivered anything special. Not a terrible film, 5.5/10

I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS - Funny and touching. Though the funny slightly dominated the touching. Which was a shame. A very nice film. 7/10