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District 9

45 reviews forDistrict 9 (2009)

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Reviews for District 9 (45)

District 9 David Brent stars in Robocop merged with E.T. remake ) 3/10

District 9 8/10 A unique film with some interesting commentary about humanity. And cat food.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 28th July 2010

'District 9' ~ Violent, gory, occasionally clever, occasionally tedious. Maybe the (inevitable) sequel will be better? 5/10

RebeccaFH Reviewed by RebeccaFH
on 21st March 2010

'District 9' on the other hand is a very good movie. 9/10. A sci-fi must see.

matharden Reviewed by matharden
on 14th March 2010

District 9: Original premise, but fairly depressing. Way more poignant than I was expecting.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 28th February 2010

District 9- 4/5 Stars- A pretty bold original movie. Finally, a film where I enjoyed the CG and the lead actor was damn good.

: District 9. Disturbing, well acted and filmed, believable CGI. Bonus for Afrikaans and alien weapons. Verdict: nice :)

District 9: great aliens, too much gunplay. Fans of old-school Peter Jackson should see it. #scifi #horror #sciencefiction

- District 9 - Excellent idea, well executed. Miles more violent, scuzzy and exciting than Avatar, thought provoking too

District 9 was interesting. It was different but nice to watch at least once. Starts dorky then gets good. 3 Stars from me. =)

District 9-9/10-A thrilling and engaging debut from director Neill Blomkamp. One of the best movies of the year.

District 9: 9/10. Brilliant movie. Unique. Engrossing. A different take on aliens. Eagerly awaiting a sequel. Kudos!

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 18th November 2009

District 9 8/10. Amazing special effects and an interesting story. Hope Niel gets to make that Halo movie, could be awsome.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 31st October 2009

"District 9" 8/10 (Liked the movie - not to many special effects e well organized)

_JR_ Reviewed by _JR_
on 29th October 2009

District 9 - Definite social statement, great action flick too.

Just saw District 9 in the sneak yesterday. Great film even it's not my style of movie's. 8/10

Thought District 9 was brilliant, it's been ages since I've been able to watch a film and not have to switch my brain off!

As I hadnt seen the previous 8 I thought I wouldnt understand District 9 last night. Actually it was quite good.

District 9 9/10 Wow! Just wow! Not for the wife, but definitely my kind of film. Here's hoping there's a District 10!

Danbo Reviewed by Danbo
on 15th September 2009

"District 9" 6/10 (What thehell was that?Didn't like neither the concept nor the main actor very much, but I guess it's an ok movie)

district 9: nepotism has consequences, prawns have an agenda, lots of things going boom, yet it all feels strangely real.

District 9 8.5/10 So great to see a sci-fi film that's not just about the effects. Great story + ugly aliens = ace

District 9-Aliens get stranded on earth, make a slum, humans dont like it! Great special effects decent story as well. worth a watch 7/10

District 9: Not as awesome as you think it is.

District 9 - Not quite up to the hype but a solid piece of Sci-Fi with a degree of social commentary. Well worth watching. 8/10

District 9 = 4.5 out of 5. A well constructed story that feels like a documentary more than sci-fi. One of the best I've seen.

#district9, 2movies in 1, kick ass action thriller & bitin satire on racism in south africa! Loved it! 9.5/10

District 9: 8/10. Sci-fi isn't my "thing" but this movie is definitely worthwhile! Documentary+comedy+sci-fi= cool combo

back from District 9. Great concept, great acting, great movie.

tasmanic Reviewed by tasmanic
on 19th August 2009

RT : "District 9" (2009): Must-see. It's not about the sci-fi politics, soc issues, race/class/economics/DNA. Watch it. #movies

jmvarner Reviewed by jmvarner
on 18th August 2009

: "District 9" (2009): Must-see. It's not about the sci-fi politics, social issues, race/class/economics/DNA. Watch it. #movies

jmvarner Reviewed by jmvarner
on 18th August 2009

District 9 is full of all kinds of awesome.

pokuwok Reviewed by pokuwok
on 17th August 2009

District 9, if you like sci-fi at all, you don't want to miss seeing this in the theater, instant classic, Blade Runner good

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 17th August 2009

DISTRICT 9 (2009). Directed by Neill Blomkamp. Theatre. 9/10 | #movie

District 9 deserves one of the 10 spots for best picture. A+ #district9

Blazecc Reviewed by Blazecc
on 15th August 2009

District 9: refreshingly original scifi in an age of rehashes. Full marks all round here for fans of 'intelligent action' flicks

demis Reviewed by demis
on 14th August 2009

Just saw district 9. It's good not great. Acting is good. Cg is amazing. Story is lacking. Unless they make two mote films. 7/10.

Saw District 9. Liked the violence and story. Mini alien was cute (all mini creatures are). Was totally left open for "District 10" sequel.

VixieRose Reviewed by VixieRose
on 14th August 2009

district 9 was a 7/10

District 9 is the most original science fiction movie I've seen in 10 years. Go see it.

Humanjunk Reviewed by Humanjunk
on 14th August 2009

District 9 ....let me tell ya worth watchin...this movie will b seen @ least 3 or 4 times... A 10 out of 10.

tonez1mca Reviewed by tonez1mca
on 14th August 2009

District 9 was not what I expected it to be like at all. I would give it a 6/10

smujesse Reviewed by smujesse
on 14th August 2009

District 9 was a 6.5 out of 10. Interesting visually, but the script had so many basic logic problems. Squandered opportunities :(

QManning Reviewed by QManning
on 14th August 2009

District 9 is like a cross between Children of Men and Cloverfield. 8.8/10.

District 9: Decent, couldn't decide what kind of movie it wanted to be. 6.5/10

admoman Reviewed by admoman
on 14th August 2009