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35 reviews forMoon (2009)

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Reviews for Moon (35)

'Moon' ~ Good concept, pacing a bit slow. 6/10

RebeccaFH Reviewed by RebeccaFH
on 30th June 2010

Moon - 9/10 - yes. very like this film. Like Silent Running but more luner.

ghardman Reviewed by ghardman
on 30th April 2010

- Moon - wasn't as clever or atmospheric as I'd expected, in fact it was a bit dull, but then I did watch it on a plane

jimitaylor Reviewed by jimitaylor
on 21st April 2010

#Moon is Primer meets Solaris. Great sci-fi film & Sam Rockwell's best performance to date.

ABHokie Reviewed by ABHokie
on 12th April 2010

- #Moon by Director Duncan Jones - A near perfect sci fi flick in the tradition of 2001. Eerie, thought provoking. ****

gcam77 Reviewed by gcam77
on 23rd March 2010

Finished watching Moon - it's an odd film, but very well made considering the budget. Highly Reccomended.

Moon. 8/10. Excellent film with great music, acting and Red Dwarf style models.

Moon 8.5/10 It has a wonderful old school feel. Sam Rockwell is fantastic. A very beautiful, thoughtful but gripping film

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 2nd January 2010

Moon 7.5/10. Nicely paced drama sci-fi with a GREAT performance by Sam Rockwell. He at least deserves an Oscar nomination.

Moon 7/10 Original and well made. It was slow in that good way.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 8th November 2009

#moon : wonderful pace, on par with "Solaris" (both) with a breakout tough performance by Sam Rockwell. One of this years best.

demis Reviewed by demis
on 26th October 2009

MOON (2009). Directed by Duncan Jones. DVD-Rip. 9/10 | #movie

Twitter needs a . Go and buy Moon (Directed by David Bowie's son. Space oddity, ironic.)

"Moon" 8/10, funny, inspiring and sad in equal measures. Stylish with a great performance from Sam Rockwell.

Moon **** very reminiscent of Dark Star/Silent Running and Space1999 sets. Great plot and feeling. See it. Good work Duncan.

Moon was really good. I enjoyed it completely. Lots of great imagery, score was well done, good story. Go see it

ronji Reviewed by ronji
on 2nd August 2009

Moon. 6.5/10. Thrilling personal introspection in an lightly Kafkaesque, twisting lunar tale. Interesting but not for everyone.

stu_ Reviewed by stu_
on 2nd August 2009

Moon was excellent. See it. Rockwell great, idea great. Really liked it. 9/10.

Moon 8/10 Brilliantly subtle drama in space. It feels real and nothing is rushed. Good music and Rockwell is ace.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 23rd July 2009

Moon- With Sam Rockwell. Its quite slow paced but not in any way predictable, Scifi movie based on the moon, well worth finding this, 7/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 22nd July 2009

gives #Moon 5 stars. A perfectly formed little film. It left me completely satisfied.Sam Rockwell is amazing.

ChadLDN Reviewed by ChadLDN
on 22nd July 2009

Saw 'Moon' last night. For once the reviews have it right - an original and perfect little film which doesn't make a single misstep. 9/10

moon film review: 8/10

thegidster Reviewed by thegidster
on 21st July 2009

Moon (8/10) - Sam Rockwell was excellent as expected. Slightly predictable, but also mysterious and slightly open-ended.

MulcahyTron Reviewed by MulcahyTron
on 20th July 2009

Moon - The Truman Show in space. Excellent acting and music. A good first half but once the "mystery" is solved, the steam runs out. 6.75/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 20th July 2009

Saw Moon: . Very short review: elegant but not over-slick good solid scifi. Movie: 7.5, Sam Rockwell's performance: 10+

noamsc Reviewed by noamsc
on 20th July 2009

Saw I give it 9.5 moon boots out of 10. I could watch Sam Rockwell read the paper for 90min be happy. :)

just watched Moon. What a fantastic film. 9/10 - Cornerhouse -

You can't beat a post midnight trip to the cinema on a lazy night. And Moon was surprisingly excellent. I give it 4 Lunar Landers out of 5.

saw the film MOON its fantastic a really good watch and i definetly recomend it i would give it 5 stars, the best film i have seen this year

Ewan1876 Reviewed by Ewan1876
on 17th July 2009

Moon - 4.5 out of 5 - A great throwback which borrows from other movies but ultimatley stands on its own - 7/15/09

i recommend everyone go and see "moon" with sam rockwell. 10/10 great indie film.

I'd give Moon a 4.5 out of 5. :)

Isikins Reviewed by Isikins
on 13th July 2009

Moon was pretty good, didn't rock my socks off though. #lastnightsnetflix

#Moon was awesome! Amazing acting, did some really interesting things with familiar sci-fi themes, and just beautiful to watch