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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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Iron Man

8 reviews forIron Man (2008)

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Reviews for Iron Man (8)

Iron Man-8.5/10-Despite a few minor flaws here and there, Marvel adaptation is absolutely thrilling from start to finish.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 14th August 2011

Iron Man 2-Slightly disappointing sequel. Too much messing about and not enough action. Mickey Rourke is really under used. 6/10

Iron Man 2 is awesome! I liked the first one better, but only by a little bit. :o)

Iron Man, Yeah without Scarlet..really good actually...go see! :) Robert Downey Junior was pretty awesome...great comedic actor!

miniash89 Reviewed by miniash89
on 26th May 2010

Iron Man 2, more of the same great humor and fun, does it bother anyone else that Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard?

MovieJuv Reviewed by MovieJuv
on 11th May 2010

- Iron Man 2 - some good banter, but strangely dull, with a very lame ending. How could they screw it up so much?

jimitaylor Reviewed by jimitaylor
on 11th May 2010

IRON MAN This is how superhero films should be made. Relevant, real, ridiculous fun, and really, really cool. 4/5

Iron Man 7.5/10 - Better than I thought but not great. No real tension and the rock music was a bit lame.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 7th November 2008