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In The Loop

11 reviews forIn The Loop (2009)

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Reviews for In The Loop (11)

In The Loop 8/10 funny satirical depiction of politics, didn't realise the TV series was a spin off from the film

- In the Loop - some great moments, but the TV series was funnier. Worth watching for the excellent swearing though

jimitaylor Reviewed by jimitaylor
on 14th March 2010

In the Loop-8.5/10-Although a bit hard to follow at times, the film still manages to elicit frequent laughs.

- In The Loop: funniest and smartest dialouge i've heard in a very long time.

In The Loop 8/10 Very funny, very witty and Peter Capaldi is brilliantly angry the whole way through.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 5th January 2010

In The Loop 8/10. Hilarious politic comedy! Didn't know u could curse this much. This one will end up on my Top 20 2009 list.

In the loop-If you like political comedy you will enjoy this. I dont so i didnt. Steve Coogan makes an appearance. 5/10

The Brit-Com movie IN THE LOOP is hillarious like most other British Movies are. Catch it !

SHD_SUB Reviewed by SHD_SUB
on 7th August 2009

So, IN THE LOOP: Great. A nasty satire of spin-doctor politics with some of the most relentless, scabarous insults I've heard onscreen.

is waiting to watch "In The Loop" for the second time. It is the funniest political comedy I've seen in at least 10 years.

In the loop: sharp, funny, shocking, swearfuckingtastic. Go see it now, because no-one else will.

soarous Reviewed by soarous
on 4th May 2009