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Fantastic Mr Fox

33 reviews forFantastic Mr Fox (2009)

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Reviews for Fantastic Mr Fox (33)

Fantastic Mr Fox - it is silly and makes little sense. Which means I like it a lot. And it's good old stop-motion too. 7/10

Fantastic Mr. Fox 8/10 - animal version of Life Aquatic, like every other Wes Anderson film but still enjoyed it.

#fantasticmrfox is cussing fantastic! ★★★☆

: fantastic mr fox: 9.0 it's human nature, expressed perfectly with humor. i haven't felt this good about a movie in a while.

zoczanuj Reviewed by zoczanuj
on 4th June 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox- a wackily hilarious visual style and offbeat humor makes it worth a watch. ***

bkriner Reviewed by bkriner
on 8th May 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox 9/10 This film is cussing great. Not really for kids but funny as cuss. A stop motion cussing masterpiece

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 23rd April 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox movie is pretty cussing awesome

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" is just charming enough to redeem Anderson's last two clunkers

mmorowitz Reviewed by mmorowitz
on 28th March 2010

The Fantastic Mr Fox is indeed fantastic! Fast-paced, witty and funny in many places. 8 out of 10

Fantastic Mr Fox. Dahl, Anderson & Clooney are great combo. Funny and well FANTASTIC! 9/10

Fantastic Mr Fox: fun, quirky, clever, unique, everything a Wes Anderson movie should be! Loved it, such an wonderful vision

The Fantastic Mr. Fox: My god. I loved loved loved this! I'd been avoiding it because of the previews,

Fantastic Mr Fox: for want of a better word, Fantastic. Why can't all kids films be like this? Could watch it again right now

DBAadam Reviewed by DBAadam
on 30th January 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Four furry paws up! The only thing better would be stealing all the chickens and apple cider yourself.

watching fantastic mr fox, read the book when i was wee, interesting style of film don't think it would be appreciated at

PazyP Reviewed by PazyP
on 14th January 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox: Good for kids and fans of Wes Anderson if you're not sick of his stable of actors. Great vibe, top animation.

#Fantastic Mr. Fox, Witty Charming & Irreverent! Original and funny. Not just for kids & for once short movie. 8/10,

: "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (2009) [7/10] Moderately enjoyable. Not really appropriate for little kids OK for older ones. #movies

This evenings program: Fantastic Mr Fox. 3 stars out of 4.5

tasmanic Reviewed by tasmanic
on 5th December 2009

Just saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Eat your heart out, Nick Park. What a great movie.

Fantastic Mr. Fox-8.5/10-Clever, visually spectacular film from Wes Anderson.

"Fantastic Mr Fox": a typical "Wes Anderson movie", which happens to be animated. Great if you like WA movies. My rating: 8/10

tawalker Reviewed by tawalker
on 8th November 2009

Back from Fantastic Mr Fox.. very enjoyable. 6/10 although a little anodyne.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - An impressive and bold turn from Wes. Very entertaining with lots of quirk although the voices can take you out. 8/10

Fantastic Mr Fox: I give 6 out of 10. The fox was too skinny and the way they moved was way too fast. I like the story but I prefer the book

OscarOB Reviewed by OscarOB
on 1st November 2009

fantastic mr fox: 3/10 - butchered shit. roald dahl will be turning in his grave.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Extremely disappointing. Whilst visually its interesting, it is also pompous, boring and not Dahl enough. (2.5/5)

Very disappointed with Fantastic Mr Fox, totally destroyed the story, made it into a schmaltzy teen 'find yourself'! 4/10 #fv

#EveRated Category: Movies - The Fantastic Mr Fox - Amazing style to this movie.Intelligent humour throughout. - 9/10

everated Reviewed by everated
on 31st October 2009

Fantastic mr fox 8/10 incredible graphics, awesome story.. Yet lacking a little something

been to take youngest to see mr fantastic fox....! 6/10 maybe.....

Clear 9/10 for Fantastic Mr Fox. Brilliant. And spotted a cameo from Bath's Little Theatre, where we watched WA's last film. How queer.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Not so fantastic, sadly more annoying. A-list voice talents just didn't feel right. Okay story (same as book??) 5.5/10

iWarren Reviewed by iWarren
on 27th October 2009