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Yes Man

12 reviews forYes Man (2008)

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Reviews for Yes Man (12)

Yes Man-6/10-Predictable and uneven film, but it's amusing enough and the leads have good chemistry.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 9th January 2010

#Yesman - terrible. A couple funny moments in a regurgitated story. Same film, different actors. Jim Carreyreinvent yourself.

Yes Man - one hysterical scene. The rest was fine. 6/10

admoman Reviewed by admoman
on 5th October 2009

Yes Man 5/10 Simple comedy with simple jokes and romance. Not much else to say. Jim isn't as annoying as usual.

Yes Man - Fairly predictable Jim Carey comedy. Some very funny parts but overall too much like many of his other films. Nealry man, 6/10

Yes Man 9.5/10 AWESOME! So funny! LOL

thehos19 Reviewed by thehos19
on 1st August 2009

Yes man - no no no man, far inferior to the book which is only mildly amusing

Yes Man: 7/10. Good family movie. Has its funny moments. But Jim Carrey's old. Was all 'seen this, heard that'. Good message though.

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 30th May 2009

Yes Man was a disappointment for a movie. Could have done with out the sex with the neighbor. A giggler at best.

Yes Man 7/10, very funny but predictably typical ending.

dr Reviewed by dr
on 22nd May 2009

the best part of Yes Man was the soundtrack. The film itself was average...

chrisbrowne Reviewed by chrisbrowne
on 10th May 2009

- Yes Man is a typical Carrey film with a typical storyline hidden underneath the seemingly original plot - still enjoyable 4/5

Fantikerz Reviewed by Fantikerz
on 26th April 2009