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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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10 reviews forValkyrie (2008)

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Reviews for Valkyrie (10)

Just watched Valkyrie. It was a bit pointless trying to generate tension from an event everybody knows the outcome of.

drfriedgold Reviewed by drfriedgold
on 6th June 2010

You'll like "Valkyrie" if you like Tom Cruise and/or WWII movies. Otherwise it's missable. **.5

bkriner Reviewed by bkriner
on 21st April 2010

Valkyrie-WW2 Hitler assassination story with Tom Cruise. Starts really well but weak middle and end. 6/10

Valkyrie 7/10. I don't get why this movie got so much shit thrown at it. I liked it. No master piece but a good movie.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 26th July 2009

Watched Valkyrie last night, very average I must say, disappointed.

Valkyrie - good tension, tom cruise meh, known ending, rentable 6/10

_B_en Reviewed by _B_en
on 7th June 2009

Valkyrie - Enjoyment was ruined by the inconstant accents. Why were some American/British while others were doing German 6/10

Valkyrie was good. Excellent use of color and awesome art direction and production design. Definitely a must see.

mfwit Reviewed by mfwit
on 26th May 2009

Valkyrie 8/10 Brian Singer did a good job directing. Tom Cruise did a really good job of not totally hamming it up. nice.

Jayemmcee Reviewed by Jayemmcee
on 22nd May 2009

Valkyrie: 8/10. A piece of history comes alive. Good acting and direction. Well paced. Definitely worth a watch.

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 4th May 2009