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Up In The Air

21 reviews forUp In The Air (2009)

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Reviews for Up In The Air (21)

Up In The Air. It snuck up on me how much i enjoyed it. Smart, funny, sad. Clooney is majestic. 9/10

Up in the Air - 7/10 - interesting character and well played by Clooney, original story, all about human interaction and commitments

'Up In the Air' ~ A pleasant surprise! Well acted, well written. 7.5/10

RebeccaFH Reviewed by RebeccaFH
on 7th June 2010

I can't remember the last time I completely loved a movie as much as "Up In The Air." An instant desert-island classic ****

bkriner Reviewed by bkriner
on 19th April 2010

"Up In The Air" is a decent film thanks to Reitman and Kendrick and in spite of the mis-cast Clooney. B+

mmorowitz Reviewed by mmorowitz
on 23rd March 2010

Up In The Air - George Clooney is a better actor when you put him in a metal tube hurling through the air @ 35,000ft.

Just watched "Up in the Air" - beautiful film, well acted, one of the best ending lines I've ever heard.

'Up in the Air'? Yes.None of the expected cliches. A good one-time watch. Tip: Stay till the very end of the credits.

Up in the Air-9.5/10-Jason Reitman's best, most mature film to date. The final act is both heartbreaking and poignant.

Up in the air was a slap in the face! 4 stars out of 5, cool performance from Clooney n Kendrick! DOPE! A-must-see!

iamgd Reviewed by iamgd
on 18th February 2010

'Up in the Air' felt more like 'Down in the dumps'.

Up In The Air 6/10 Top cast, Clooney did what he does best. It felt a little boring not the "classic" the hype said it was

Up In The Air - Good performances all round. A welcome change from Hollywood blockbusters. Well worth watching. ★★★★✩

x3player Reviewed by x3player
on 28th January 2010

Up In The Air....good film I liked George Clooney's character...I somehow saw a bit of myself in the storyline... relatable

- Up In the Air - excellently written, nicely played, not flat out brilliant, but does make you think afterwards

Up In The Air - Clooney being Clooney, great cynical look at life in isolation. Farmiga great. Final 3rd unconvincing ★★★★✩

George Clooney's Up in the Air: ****

UP IN THE AIR Clooney channels Roger O Thornhill's everyman sensibilities in this relevant, witty, and touching modern tale. 4/5

#up in the air, bitter sweet view on today's disposable downsizing culture & how we cope! great watch, 8/10

Up In the Air: entertaining with a charismatic Clooney, but the ending left me a little weary and unsure of the message. B...

kagrrakid Reviewed by kagrrakid
on 8th January 2010

UP IN THE AIR (2009). Directed by Jason Reitman. Screener DVD. 10/10 | #movie