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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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True Grit

9 reviews forTrue Grit (2010)

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Reviews for True Grit (9)

True Grit (3/5) Western - Girl hires a sheriff to find her fathers murderer. Fresh take on the genre, with interesting characters.

True Grit. Not a big western fan, but this was superb. V authentic, loved the space. Bridges &amp Steinfeld fantastic. 9/10

#TrueGrit **** OK so I'm late on this one. Coens nail it again. Wins with Dialoge + Characters + Story. Pay attention Hollywd

True Grit: well acted and delightfully shot but for me a little flat and John Wayne's 'Rooster Cogburn' is still the best - 7/10

minniepk17 Reviewed by minniepk17
on 3rd March 2011

True Grit-remake. Decent but not brilliant western. Matt Damon is very good as LaBoeuf. Don't really get all the hype. 7/10

True Grit (2010)-8/10-Not among the best of the Coen bros, but it's filled with great performances and beautiful cinematography.

#TrueGrit a great western, the characters are brilliant had me laughing out loud. Funnier than it is gritty, LaBoeuf kills me.

True Grit. 9.5/10. This one's gonna get the best adapted screenplay Oscar.

True Grit was going strong 'til it copped out with a flashback. You disappoint, J&E.