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The Road

17 reviews forThe Road (2009)

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Reviews for The Road (17)

The Road 8/10

The Road - 8/10 mainly for Viggo's awesomeness. Uber tense and incredibly depressing. Not a lot happens but still good.

: the road: 9.0 just as, if not more, emotionally potent as the book. great film making isn't always about speed and thrills.

zoczanuj Reviewed by zoczanuj
on 28th August 2010

#TheRoad **** Grim. Gut wrenching, bleak, but perfect as a film. Fantastic performances by all. A cinematic kick to the gut.

gcam77 Reviewed by gcam77
on 23rd August 2010

: the road: its I am legend meets the most depressing movie ever meets cast away meets the day after tomorrow. C+

andr3scamilo Reviewed by andr3scamilo
on 28th May 2010

: "The Road" (2009) [2.5/4] Hopelessness & despair dramatized. Visually impacting in a depressing, dark-woodsy way. #movies

jmvarner Reviewed by jmvarner
on 14th May 2010

- The Road: very depressing... :(

robtoscano Reviewed by robtoscano
on 7th May 2010

The Road 8/10. Not a typical post-apocolypse flick. Excellent portrayal of mans primal instincts and fight for survival.

ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway-9/10-Endearing doc about the tribulations of four broadway musicals.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 8th March 2010

"The Road"?! Must be the most depressing Post Apocaliptic movie ever made. #movies

The Road 9/10. I've never felt as bad as when watching this movie. Incredible acting by Viggo as usual.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 14th February 2010

#the road, bleak desolate vision of the future. Muted colours for a world without hope, uncompromising storytelling. 7/10

THE ROAD (2009). Directed by John Hillcoat. DVD Screener. 8/10 | #movie

THE ROAD Savage landscapes, haunting if overly emotive music, top notch acting. Devastating, yet curiously life-affirming. 4/5

The Road 4/5. Beautifully shot postapocalyptic drama. I guess many would think it's quite heavy though & get anxious. Excellent

- The Road - An atmospheric, heart wrenching film with little or no plot. Futile. Utterly pointless. - 4/10

The Road - Gloriously filmed so that post-apocalyptic landscapes look beautiful. Superbly acted by both male leads. Amazing. 9.5/10