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23 reviews forPredators (2010)

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Reviews for Predators (23)

Watched #Predators. An okay movie. But still not what i expected & was not up to my standards.

#predators, enjoyable reboot of tired franchise. Questionable casting / lack of characters detracts from experience. 4/10,

Though claiming to be a sequel, Predators is more a reboot and I couldn't help think- I'd rather b watching Arnold do this

Strawn4u Reviewed by Strawn4u
on 13th July 2010

Predators: An enjoyable film even though it has some flaws....and Brody is freakin hot. :P 6.8/10 cc @BlackSmoke108

5ummer Reviewed by 5ummer
on 11th July 2010

Predators: 3/4: A solid, fun b-movie. And hey, old guy in the back row at South Common this afternoon? I hate you. #yeg

matt_bowes Reviewed by matt_bowes
on 11th July 2010

Predators extremely average. Go with low expectations.

I saw Predators last night it was a strong 7.5/10-dont go marble arch tho mice/ rats literally run around lookin 4 popcorn crumbs #peakshit

jelluzz Reviewed by jelluzz
on 9th July 2010

#Predators is getting a 4 out of 10!! Booo!! :( :( No storyline, nonconsistent and as random as my inner thoughts on a rainy day!

jusladi4now Reviewed by jusladi4now
on 9th July 2010

Note to world: Do not see Predators. 3 out of 10.

adamdiaz85 Reviewed by adamdiaz85
on 9th July 2010

Also Predators played well to a full theatre. Exceeded my expectations. Third favorite film in the Pred/Alien franchise. 7/10

NoxinOen Reviewed by NoxinOen
on 9th July 2010

"Predators" 8/10 overall I liked it, kinda light on the action but big in story. The Ending Credits song i think was chosen @ random.

KingRiizen77 Reviewed by KingRiizen77
on 9th July 2010

Predators: 6/10

john_lindner Reviewed by john_lindner
on 9th July 2010

Predators gets a 4/10 from me. I had high expectations since Rodriguez is usually the man. From dusk till dawn is untouchable.

Devanvb Reviewed by Devanvb
on 9th July 2010

not bad movie to watch.. 7/10 #Predators

nyongehehe Reviewed by nyongehehe
on 9th July 2010

Saw Predators. Meh, 6/10. Not anywhere near as good as the classic (obviously), but at least better than those AvP atrocities.

Royzy Reviewed by Royzy
on 9th July 2010

Predators was ok...I'd say 6/10

Ms_VanessH Reviewed by Ms_VanessH
on 9th July 2010

Predators- average at best- 4/10

RoutineCurry Reviewed by RoutineCurry
on 8th July 2010

Predators: The usual. Bunch people picked off one by one. Mercifully not too much of the It All Goes Wrong When They Argue schtick 6/10

richrandall Reviewed by richrandall
on 8th July 2010

Oh ok #Predators 6 out of 10. Better than the AVP films anyway. Trying too hard to be like the original. Popcorn fans will love it...

GraysRHill Reviewed by GraysRHill
on 8th July 2010

Predators- Another average Predator film. Far too many throwbacks to the original and not enough action. Must try harder 5.5/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 8th July 2010

So Predators was actually quite awesome. Surprisingly enough. 7.7 out of 10.

protoskull Reviewed by protoskull
on 8th July 2010

Just saw the new Predators movie it was good, different which was what I like 8/10

MickeyTV Reviewed by MickeyTV
on 8th July 2010

#Soundtraxx . Predators. Worth to seee!