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I Love You Man

10 reviews forI Love You Man (2009)

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Reviews for I Love You Man (10)

I Love You, Man-8.5/10-A hilarious, if familiar, take on bromance.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 8th March 2010

I love you, Man - 7/10 solid movie. Some nice jokes, nice script but nothing significant!

"I Love You, Man!" is so full of win! They didn't use any lame plot devices, it was just funny.

I Love You Man 7/10 Funny with great performances all round, felt a little safe and some what predictable. Worth a watch

I love you, man- Poor buddy comedy, many better films available try step brothers or knocked up for a decent comedy. Leave this behind 4/10

I love you man: Decent comedy with a unique concept. succeeds on the charisma of Segel and Rudd. Could have done with a few more laughs 7/10

jasoncoburn Reviewed by jasoncoburn
on 17th June 2009

saw i love u man, romcom with bromance wrinkle... forgettable enjoyable cheese! 7/10

::"I Love You, Man" Bromantic buddy film w/fresh wrting & good castng. Rogen: Learn fr. Rudd/Segel. @Tracy_Torchetti @elsiebean

Prof_K Reviewed by Prof_K
on 29th April 2009

I love you man 8/10 - easy to watch & LOL funny! Paul Rudd & Jason Segel are a good match. would reccomend.

willbarron Reviewed by willbarron
on 24th April 2009

I Love You Man: fast-paced, clever, well acted, feel-good, and very funny indeed. 4.5 / 5