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Gran Torino

20 reviews forGran Torino (2008)

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Reviews for Gran Torino (20)

: Grand Torino: Great directing and acting by Eastwood. Some of the secondary actors were OK. Touching ending. A

Gran Torino-8.5/10-A sluggish first act is the only thing that mars this otherwise excellent film.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 9th March 2010

Gran Torino - A decent story hampered by a couple of bad Hmong actors. Thank goodness Clint and his song is there to save the day. 6/10

Gran Torino - best movie I've seen in years. I'll end up as grumpy as that if I'm not careful! :-D 10/10

just saw Gran Torino. Eastwood cries, yet kicks butt. great cast, nicely done, wicked dialogue 5/5

Gran Torino 8/10 It's Clint Eastwood doing what Clint Eastwood does best being a total hardass. It's great just for that!

Gran Torino (2008) - Clint Eastwood is a grumpy old man, yet so badass. "Go ahead, make my day" is now "Get off my lawn". 8/10

oyvsto Reviewed by oyvsto
on 26th July 2009

Grand Torino - Wonderful movie that's both subtlety funny and touching. Brave ending. Clint's performance is brilliant 9/10

Grand Torino (2008) 8/10 Clint Eastwood takes the reins as a bad ass yet again in this heavy-handed profound/cliched drama of a changed USA

Just watched "Gran Torino." actually got a little teary. Rare for me. Amazing, dynamic film. I love clint eastwood. Do suggest.

Gran Torino - story of old war vet teaching young punk kid ala karate kid Clint played typical character decent film 6.8/10

_B_en Reviewed by _B_en
on 19th June 2009

"Gran Torino" 10/10 ( Perfect, just Perfect! )

nfcampos Reviewed by nfcampos
on 7th June 2009

Gran Torino: Must watch. Rare. Beautifully crafted drama. Unfolds perfectly. Clint Eastwood is a genius. Very few flaws. 10/10 #FTW

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 30th May 2009

Gran Torino was fantastic. Clint Eastwood has got 54 years of pure genius to live up to and he didn't let us down 10/10

cutter631 Reviewed by cutter631
on 30th May 2009

Gran Torino: 7/10. Textbook Eastwood. Heart warming, nice acting in parts, well paced. Million$Baby is far superior however.

stu_ Reviewed by stu_
on 25th May 2009

Gran Torino 4/10 I imagine americans really like this film. Clint's acting was rubbish and the film was boring and cliché

Gran Torino 8.5/10 Kinda like marmite in a way, but I loved this film in the end. A fitting end to Clints movie career.

Gran Torino: Must watch. Rare. Beautifully crafted drama. Unfolds perfectly. Clint Eastwood is a genius. 10/10 #FTW

deltarx Reviewed by deltarx
on 23rd April 2009

: GRAN TORINO is like a slice of Gma's apple pie with some some hooch slipped into the filling, Sinfully Americana . RATING: B+

Gran Torino 5/10 Eastwood's grumpy old man shows up in this overly-sentimental flick. Fine if you like that - but I don't.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 27th March 2009