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Drag Me To Hell

21 reviews forDrag Me To Hell (2009)

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Reviews for Drag Me To Hell (21)

Drag me to hell 7/10 Raimi back in good form nice scares good gore and a perfect ending

mich4el108 Reviewed by mich4el108
on 14th March 2010

Drag Me to Hell= 4 out of 5 Over the top, scary, gross, hilarious & extremely well planned and executed. Sam Raimi at his best.

#DragMeToHell Looking back on it, it's a clever comedy horror. Good work Sam Raimi! ★★★★☆

Drag Me to Hell 8/10 Less than very serious horror that gets away with cheap scares. Evil Dead funny. Gross and very fun!

Drag Me to Hell 8/10 Hilarious violence! Angry demons! Dopey religion! A possessed goat! Sam Raimi, we missed you so much.

Drag Me to Hell: Lots of wacky CGI, lots of bodily fluids, lots of fun.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 19th October 2009

Drag Me To Hell, more like try dragging me away from this movie.

Drag Me To Hell was, to me, more comical than scary. Rather predictable, and things worked out too simply.

Drag me to hell 8/10. Funny, scary, and pretty entertaining. Sam Raimi's back in great style.

Drag Me To Hell - 4/10. Not that scary and not specifically funny. So shall we call it a FAIL?

Drag me to Hell, squealed like virgin on prom nite!! Now scared of grandma's with no teeth! Good times! 8/10,

Drag Me To Hell - funny, occasionally scary, melodramatic and very entertaining. Nice one, Raimi.

Drag me to hell (2009) - Best horror I've seen in a while. Lots of fun and scares. Within its genre it is 9/10.

oyvsto Reviewed by oyvsto
on 21st June 2009

#Dragmetohell: Classic horror elements, pretty groce moments, but all in all too funny and over the top to be scary.

BabsiS Reviewed by BabsiS
on 18th June 2009

Drag Me To Hell in three words: funny, scary, great. In that order.

Also saw Sam Raimi's new flick "Drag Me To Hell". Interesting idea, great story, POOR acting.I expected more from this director. 6 out of 10

Drag me to Hell- seriously scary movie! manages to be funny and gross as well. Not as scary as The Descent but close! Raimi at his best 8/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 9th June 2009

Drag Me To Hell - great frights with tongue well in cheek. Raimi on good form with this one. 7/10

incongruousm Reviewed by incongruousm
on 9th June 2009

I shrieked like a little sissy boy and almost kicked the girl in front of me while watching "Drag Me To Hell". What a swell flick.

awilkinson Reviewed by awilkinson
on 3rd June 2009

Back home! just went to see "Drag Me To Hell" and it sucks!!! Don't spend 10 bucks on that movie. The old lady in the movie is creepy though

Drag me to hell 10/10 on the lolz scale.

Ranges_ Reviewed by Ranges_
on 2nd June 2009