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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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Casino Royale

8 reviews forCasino Royale (2006)

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Reviews for Casino Royale (8)

Gak suka 007 :( so for me it's like 6/10 @fauzandr: Casino Royale on Trans TV. My 2nd best 007 after Tomorrow Never Dies.

Casino Royale on Trans TV. My 2nd best 007 after Tomorrow Never Dies. Better fight though! It gets 7.5/10

fauzandr Reviewed by fauzandr
on 3rd February 2012

Casino Royale-The first Bond in years with real bite and a great story. Also an excellent bond girl in Eva Green. 9/10

Quantum of Solace-7/10-Overall, it's not as strong as Casino Royale, but the action set pieces still manage to excite.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 18th August 2011

Casino Royale-8.5/10-Bond flick offers tons of thrilling action sequences, even if it does overstay its welcome.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 17th August 2011

Quantum of Solace (2008): 7/10. Not as good as Casino Royale but it's still a damn good ''Bond'' movie.

Casino Royale (2006): 9/10. Fabulous! Amazing work...And Le Chiffre sure is one of the best movie villains ever. #casinoroyale

Casino Royale (2006) - Not sure I'm sold on the new Bond style. But this was a good movie. 8/10

admoman Reviewed by admoman
on 13th November 2009