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Angels & Demons

38 reviews forAngels & Demons (2009)

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Reviews for Angels & Demons (38)

Angels & Demons 7/10 A great religion based tech-thriller but it misses parts of the book inc key characters. Langdon #ftw

sidonaldson Reviewed by sidonaldson
on 20th June 2011

angels and demons 7/10 not quite as good as the da vinci code.

Kfunk2020 Reviewed by Kfunk2020
on 20th June 2010

Angels and Demons-5.5/10-Visually impressive and engaging, the film nevertheless suffers from ludicrous plot developments.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 2nd April 2010

Saw 'Angels & Demons' Tom Hanks is great. Quite different from the novel though #twitMovie

jayabidkar Reviewed by jayabidkar
on 21st March 2010

'Angels and Demons' ~ Good book. Bad movie. 4/10.

Angels & Demons 7/10 I quite liked this film, fast paced with a good twist at the end. Ignore the bad accents and the dumbing down tho

"Angels and Demons": Really liked it. It was full of action, mystery, symbolism and good actors. Thrilling. :)

BabsiS Reviewed by BabsiS
on 30th June 2009

"Angels & Demons" Surprisingly 3 out of 5 stars. Well paced at 2.5 hrs. Good Action. Must be the conspiracy theorist in me.

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 15th June 2009

Angels & Demons 4/10 Moving cameras fast is not action. Ewan's accent? Yes, its better than the 1st but that was rubbish

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 12th June 2009

: Angels and Demons. Nice cinematography, obvious general plot with odd curls (not twists!).

antreid Reviewed by antreid
on 10th June 2009

Angels & Demons - 5/10 - Good direction & performances from Hanks & McGregor spoiled by crap script and plodding storyline. (Grum)

theboommic Reviewed by theboommic
on 5th June 2009

'Angels & Demons' some films draw you in & engage you, this did neither.... couldn't stay awake by the 2nd half.... 4/10

"Angels & Demons" 8/10 ( I kinda liked it but I've seen a lot better movies. But it was fine !)

ruimaia Reviewed by ruimaia
on 24th May 2009

Watched Angels and Demons - Better than The Da Vinci code but thats not hard. Ewan McGregor should be banned from acting! awful accent 5/10

markymark34 Reviewed by markymark34
on 23rd May 2009

Angels & Demons - 5/10 - too slow ( so is the book!) Tom Hanks is a bad choice for Robert Langdon. Ewan McG's Irish accent was dire too.

lil_jo_c Reviewed by lil_jo_c
on 21st May 2009

"Angels & Demons" 6/10 (Not a spectacular movie, average. Take it with a grain of salt...)

pedrodiogo Reviewed by pedrodiogo
on 21st May 2009

"Angels & Demons" 7/10 (The parts less similar to the book make the movie less stupid. Good adaptation)

miguelpais Reviewed by miguelpais
on 21st May 2009

"Angels and Demons " 7/10 (The book was more exciting, but this is the kind of movie that after you see, you wish know more)

brunofranco Reviewed by brunofranco
on 21st May 2009

Angels and Demons 6/10. I kind of liked this one. On par with the first one. Maybe even better.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 20th May 2009

Angels & Demons 6/10 More entertaining than the first, and enjoyable for the most part until the Scooby Doo ending!

duncan1964 Reviewed by duncan1964
on 19th May 2009

Angels & Demons : surprisingly high entertainment value but lacking any kind of intelligence or detail. Wait for DVD...

demis Reviewed by demis
on 19th May 2009

just saw angels & demons - 6/10

fragbyte Reviewed by fragbyte
on 18th May 2009

'Angels and Daemons' - Book Was Better!

BrianBlessed Reviewed by BrianBlessed
on 18th May 2009

ANGELS & DEMONS - Enjoyed the book - movie lost many of my favorite things and still contained WAY TOO MUCH exposition.

vardenrhode Reviewed by vardenrhode
on 17th May 2009

Home! Angels and Demons was really good, rather engrossing & Ewan despite wearing priest robes was still HOT as ever.

dianamoon Reviewed by dianamoon
on 17th May 2009

Angels and demons is sanctimonious. Poor script. Historically implausible. No hot chicks. 0 stars

journik Reviewed by journik
on 16th May 2009

Dan Brown's 'Angels & Demons' panned on Newsnight #Review, is the 'Indiana Jones of art, but without the wit' quips one reviewer

Angels & Demons - 7/10: Surpringsly, it kept me interested the entire time. It's MUCH better than The Da Vinci Code.

Angels & Demons, feels like Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are on a soapbox since da vinci code, love the concepts & acting, but dull

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 15th May 2009

"Angels & Demons" was much better than the last one. The plot twist was satisfying, but the over-the-top music was distracting.

karstendick Reviewed by karstendick
on 15th May 2009

angels & demons 5/10 it dragged on a bit

justjimmy Reviewed by justjimmy
on 15th May 2009

Just saw angels and demons and thought it was worth the 10 bucks to get in )

Golfer2707 Reviewed by Golfer2707
on 15th May 2009

Went to see Angels & Demons yesterday - 6.5/10 and nowhere near as bad as reviews said. I fear I won't be able to say the same of Wolverine.

craigelder Reviewed by craigelder
on 15th May 2009

Angels & Demons: 8/10. Like the book? Love the movie.

bluedepth Reviewed by bluedepth
on 15th May 2009

Angels and Demons Was a Verry good movie Deffinatly up there in my top 10

Just saw angels and demons!!! I actually liked it!!! Probs a 6/10 or so. Actually suprised!!!

JoshPickham Reviewed by JoshPickham
on 15th May 2009

on a scale of 1-10 angels and demons movie is a 7.

jessicamarks Reviewed by jessicamarks
on 12th May 2009

Angels and demons. 6.5/10

mikaeltb Reviewed by mikaeltb
on 11th May 2009