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An Education

12 reviews forAn Education (2009)

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Reviews for An Education (12)

An Education-Decent British coming of age drama with Carey Mulligan. Nothing new but well made and never dull. 6.5/10

"An Education" was top-notch. Mulligan has many oscars in her future. As the script says, character is action.

mmorowitz Reviewed by mmorowitz
on 13th April 2010

An Education. Hornby's wit & warmth r enfused into this coming of age film, great performances esp Mulligan & Molina. 8/10

The Hurt Locker and An Education have both arrived.

An Education-8/10-Engaging performances make up for the occasional implausibility.

AN EDUCATION (2009). Directed by Lone Scherfig. DVD-Rip. 8/10 | #movie

AN EDUCATION is an insightful film on life and Spoke to me in some way. Rating: 4/5

The movie An Education tugged at the heartstrings. I'd give it a 3.75 stars out of 5. I dug.

An Education: a really good movie if a little predictable. 4/5

Film review: An Education. Remarkably involving, well written film. Deserves serious awards. 5/5

muldoon Reviewed by muldoon
on 11th November 2009

An Education was a great film. Nick Hornby did a great job on screenplay 4/5 Olivia Willams from Dollhouse makes an appearance

Went and saw An Education last night. Consensus was - good, 7/10. Lead actress steals the film. (I quite liked awkward Graham too).