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Whip It

10 reviews forWhip It (2009)

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Reviews for Whip It (10)

Whip It. Coming of age comedy, Ellen Page watchable as always. World of rollerderby lot of fun 7.5/10

Whip It 10/10

Watched 'Whip It'. Thought women's roller derby premise sounded fun & like Ellen Page but found the story disjointed.

jjaderhold Reviewed by jjaderhold
on 3rd August 2010

Double feature! Just saw Whip It! Another fun movie. Other than some pacing issues. Drew Barrymore did a good job.

: Whip It. 8/10. I didn't have high hopes, but Barrymore's directorial debut is surprisingly satisfying.

Whip It: Someone might need to tell Drew Barrymore that Texas isn't stuck in 1979.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 31st January 2010

i got to see the movie #whipit I'll have say that it was a pretty good film, i'll rate it 6/10, only b/c i like #rollerderby.

kf4pch Reviewed by kf4pch
on 21st January 2010

Whip It: really enjoyed, super fun coming of age young feminist movie, great job Barrymore + redeemed Page from the awful Juno

Whip It = 5/10. Felt slow and awkward. Ellen Page is super annoying and has a huge forehead. And I hated her zebra T-shirt!!!!

twashlack Reviewed by twashlack
on 3rd October 2009

Whip It-4/10-Drew Barrymore's directorial debut has promise, but the blah script gives her (and the actors) little to work with.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 3rd October 2009