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#FilmReviewFriday Star Wars 8/10 Despite the prequels, this is still a classic. Empire is better though.

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Where The Wild Things Are

13 reviews forWhere The Wild Things Are (2009)

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Reviews for Where The Wild Things Are (13)

Watched "Where the Wild Things Are" last night. Now there's a movie to make you want to kill yourself.

#WheretheWildThingsare It's supposed to be a kids movie, but the story is much deeper than that. Stunning visuals. 85/100

Where The Wild Things Are must be the most depressing movie of this generation.

Where the Wild Things are-7/10-Terrific moments here and there in an otherwise okay movie.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 3rd May 2010

Where the Wild Things Are - Raw, fresh, and solid use of silence to convey thoughts and emotions. Recommended.

PlucharC Reviewed by PlucharC
on 20th April 2010

: Where The Wild Things Are: Very cute and pointless. Weirdest. Movie. Ever. D+

Where The Wild Things Are. Super furry animals, how kids films used to be. 9/10

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (2009). Directed by Spike Jonze. DVD-Rip. 5/10 | #movie

Where the Wild Things are. Gandolfini perfectly cast. Poignant imagination without pints of sap. For the kid in the adult 7/10.

Where the Wild Are: The book grew up with it's audience to become this movie.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 26th October 2009

"Where the wild things are" was a cool movie. Visually impressive with a touching story. 3.5/5

tasmanic Reviewed by tasmanic
on 22nd October 2009

"Where The Wild Things Are" 3.75 of 5 stars. Reminded me what it was like to be a kid! It's a thinker. May need to see again.

Where the Wild Things Are - Magical film making. I was transported - 9/10