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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

22 reviews forThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

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Reviews for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (22)

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 0.5/5 This was bad, so bad, it gets half a point for cool cgi wolves and that's it.

- Eclipse - 7/10. Pretty entertaining though I still think Pattinson is crap, Taylor Lautner and Kristen far better.

Twilight, #Eclipse, moody pretentious piece of sap! All hype franchise! 4/10,

- my rating for Twilight Saga Eclipse is 3/5 ... #India #Mumbai

Eclipse: close2 the book, lack of sympathy 4Bella who isnt particularly interesting. Pretty much wot I expected, worth a look.

BeckiLove Reviewed by BeckiLove
on 14th July 2010

#twilighteclipse. Cliche-ridden, over-acted, single-paced. #winsomeandlosesome

jezpete Reviewed by jezpete
on 10th July 2010

: #eclipse: better than new moon... everyone's acting got better except k-stew's. oh and the new victoria sucks. B-

andr3scamilo Reviewed by andr3scamilo
on 9th July 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse-5/10-Not nearly as bad as New Moon, but it's still pretty dull.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 6th July 2010

Oh yeah Eclipse is better than New Moon, so far I think Eclipse is the great one

KevinMonic Reviewed by KevinMonic
on 3rd July 2010

I'm not a huge fan of Twilight Saga. But so far, I think ECLIPSE is the best one. Oh well, can't wait for Breaking Dawn ) .

I saw #Twilight #Eclipse today. Cheesiest movie ever, & not in a good way. Not even a dozen hot half-naked guys made up for it.

I seen that new Twilight Eclipse movie and it wasn't all that special very much over hyped I was expecting more 1-10 I give it a 7.5 at best

Yung_NASA Reviewed by Yung_NASA
on 1st July 2010

hahaha i will give 9 out of 10 for eclipse!!!!!!!the movie is funny,sad,romantic and the best part is the action!!!!

M_Sukri Reviewed by M_Sukri
on 1st July 2010

Eclipse was superb, amazing, brilliant and no other words can describe this movie. 19 out of 10!

ayrvoismra Reviewed by ayrvoismra
on 1st July 2010

whoa, they really werent lying when they said eclipse was the best out of the three twilight films... thoroughly enjoyed that! 8/10

nic_lay Reviewed by nic_lay
on 1st July 2010

Watched The Twilight Sage: Eclipse (2010) and rated it with 7 out of 10

bryanvan1406 Reviewed by bryanvan1406
on 1st July 2010

I give 6 out of 10 for eclipse.. Way better than the last two, but still missing the story's essencial traits *berasa film critique*

tiaravenesa Reviewed by tiaravenesa
on 1st July 2010

Eclipse - 7 out of 10, but that's the highest rating of all twylight movies so thats good

Tshurr Reviewed by Tshurr
on 1st July 2010

8 out of 10 for eclipse.. It was good! Loved the action!

annaaleon Reviewed by annaaleon
on 1st July 2010

Omg i saw eclipse last night the best movie so far. 10 out of 10 a must see movie

cool312691 Reviewed by cool312691
on 1st July 2010

ECLIPSE definitely better than NEW MOON, but still cant beat TWILIGHT

sigitadhi Reviewed by sigitadhi
on 1st July 2010

: Went to see #Eclipse last night at The Sunset Drive in. We got free fangs and a glow in the dark bracelet. A 6.5 out of 10

LOQ8OUS Reviewed by LOQ8OUS
on 30th June 2010