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The Last Airbender

23 reviews forThe Last Airbender (2010)

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Reviews for The Last Airbender (23)

-The Last Airbender-3/10-Decent visual effects can't make up for an incomprehensible plot and unintentionally hilarious moments.

The Last Airbender - 8/10.Great directing on the action, no stupid close up shakey camera.Nice effects, decent acting

The Last Airbender is disapointing. Very bad 4/10

rafawzi Reviewed by rafawzi
on 13th August 2010

So I watch The Last Airbender last night and it was awesome..shame to those who thought it would suck cuz of M. Night Shamalyan

#TheLastAirBender Rating: story A+, plot B-, acting B-, setting A+, action C+ overall its B- good message, family movie genre..

ananDitoo Reviewed by ananDitoo
on 6th August 2010

The Last Airbender is pretty good. Definitely better than Sorcerer's Apprentice. Can't wait to see the sequel! D

just watched 「The Last Airbender」... it was below my expectation but Dev Patel did quite a GJ on Zuko

Last night i seen "The Last Airbender" movie. I give it a 2 out of 10! Its a damn shame. Expected more outta it.

Ooohshebadd Reviewed by Ooohshebadd
on 7th July 2010

Last Airbender gets a 1 out of 10 from me. Horrible Movie!

richflyer Reviewed by richflyer
on 5th July 2010

Its official, Airbender movie SUCKS, unless youre 10 yrs old

GIOdoinWORK Reviewed by GIOdoinWORK
on 5th July 2010

I'll watch the last airbender again..!! in return pay me 10 million dollars :D:D:D

sriku2412 Reviewed by sriku2412
on 5th July 2010

The Last Airbender is glacially paced with dialogue written for nimrods and a plot deprived of sense. *2.5/10* #bt88REVUE

bt88 Reviewed by bt88
on 5th July 2010

So, The Last Airbender.... a 5 out of 10. A 50 out of 100. I can't believe how exactly mediocre it was.

tweet_n_lo Reviewed by tweet_n_lo
on 5th July 2010

The Last Airbender rating: 7/10. Great visuals. However, a bit short & lacking on character development #lastairbender

SakshamUppal Reviewed by SakshamUppal
on 5th July 2010

Last Airbender gets a solid 7/10 from me, 4/10 from Jaz. Good, but not excellent - I'll go see sequels, but I won't take Jaz :)

IanMRountree Reviewed by IanMRountree
on 5th July 2010

Just came back from watching the last airbender and let me say it was amazing 8.8/10

pspkid17 Reviewed by pspkid17
on 5th July 2010

Walked out of The Last Airbender after 15 minutes in, I don't remember the TV show being this absolutely horrendous. What a waste of $10 -_-

ChillaFrilla Reviewed by ChillaFrilla
on 5th July 2010

I actually thought The Last Airbender was decent...but then again, I didn't see the tv show so I didn't know what they cut out. 6/10

moviewizguy Reviewed by moviewizguy
on 4th July 2010

THE LAST AIRBENDER- it was ok. Dont know if im going to invest in it later. But 7 out of 10.

DavidSuarez Reviewed by DavidSuarez
on 4th July 2010

I saw The Last Airbender yesterday, MEH it was OK, cant see why people hate on it. Not nearly as good as the show though I give it a 7.7/10

Palkia678 Reviewed by Palkia678
on 4th July 2010

Okay, so I give #Airbender 2.5/5 for a good effort. But damn it could have been so much more! Shame on you M. Knight Shamalan!

Rorichan Reviewed by Rorichan
on 4th July 2010

The Last Airbender was okay! It was good. It got lots of bad reviews and i hated the cartoon, but this was good (7/10). Happy 4th of July.

frederickb13 Reviewed by frederickb13
on 4th July 2010

Last Airbender was a terrible movie :/

U_Nice93 Reviewed by U_Nice93
on 3rd July 2010