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The Brothers Bloom

11 reviews forThe Brothers Bloom (2008)

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Reviews for The Brothers Bloom (11)

The Brothers Bloom 8/10 Don't spoil it for yourself by guess who's conning who etc. Just sit back & enjoy this fun, emotional film.

ihart Reviewed by ihart
on 16th August 2010

"The brother's bloom" Bang-Bang and rachel weisz, good script and good twists

The Brothers Bloom-7.5/10-A film with such eccentric characters deserves a more coherent plot. Still fun to watch, though.

Brothers Bloom, awesome premise, gr8 acting, gr8 chemistry b/w actors,One of 2009's best thrillers, 8.5/10, Should be #watched!

aMjAZzz Reviewed by aMjAZzz
on 30th November 2009

The Bloom Brothers. Worth watching because of the plot twists and the fact you never know whether the ending is real or a con..

The Brothers Bloom: A twisty, turny con story. One of the best movies I've seen this year.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 23rd October 2009

THE BROTHERS BLOOM (2009). Directed by @rcjohnso. Blu-ray. 8/10 | #movie

"The Brothers Bloom" 4 of 5 stars. I want to live my life like the best story ever written! Slow, BUT Smart, Funny, & Clever!

JuniorCase Reviewed by JuniorCase
on 21st June 2009

The Brothers Bloom - Johnson knows how to direct "cool" Hints of two Andersons Wes and P.T. A movie I will have to see again. 8.75/10

Camdun_Roar Reviewed by Camdun_Roar
on 8th June 2009

Brothers Bloom 8/10

Brothers Bloom 7/10. Good con movie, great actors. Beautiful photo & locations. Like a love child of Wes Anderson & Soderbergh.