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14 reviews forKnowing (2009)

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Reviews for Knowing (14)

Knowing Nic Cage predicts the end of the world after his son receives a list of numbers from his school's time capsule.Not bad 6/10

Knowing (3/5) Sci-fi drama - Man finds document telling the future. Good idea and start, but plot holes and bad ending.

Knowing-4.5/10-Signs of promise (especially in the third act) are squandered by a ludicrous, silly tone and a dull screenplay.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 9th May 2010

Knowing 4/10 Better than I thought it would be, but that's not saying much. Plus, I'd been drinking.

Just rented a movie, "Knowing", what a load of horse manure, and that's my review in a nutshell!

mrsjgx Reviewed by mrsjgx
on 31st August 2009

'knowing' loved it 9/10.

: Knowing. This bites. Had SO much potential, but the acting sucks and it just gets too weird. 1/5. Don't waste your money.

Knowing 7/10. Kind of old school, a bit like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Not as good as that, but good enough.

vaiav Reviewed by vaiav
on 5th July 2009

Knowing 6.8/10

paul_andrew Reviewed by paul_andrew
on 20th June 2009

Knowing 8/10 Nicholas Cage in surprisingly good apocolypse premonition movie. amazing plane crash and carnage scenes.

Jayemmcee Reviewed by Jayemmcee
on 21st May 2009

Knowing was interesting despite clunky writing, acting and the abortion of an ending.I liked the old skool vibe aided by Hermanesque score

DannyTRS Reviewed by DannyTRS
on 26th April 2009

Knowing 8/10 I wasn't expecting much but was surprised. I really enjoyed this film even with the cheesy ending!

The Knowing, end of the world type film and in some parts far fetched. Decent effects though! Worth seeing! 7/10

Knowing 3/10 - Is anything worse than Nicolas Cage's acting? Yes, the stupid plot. Too long and ridiculous. Some nice FX

davymacca Reviewed by davymacca
on 3rd April 2009