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How to Train Your Dragon

22 reviews forHow to Train Your Dragon (2010)

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Reviews for How to Train Your Dragon (22)

How to Train Your Dragon - Awesomeness!! Dialogue is hilarious! Animation is stunning!

nthutch Reviewed by nthutch
on 17th October 2010

How to train a dragon 7.5/10. Bit obvious but very well done.

johnedenuk Reviewed by johnedenuk
on 25th April 2010

"How to Train Your Dragon:" even my 4yo was bored. Dreamworks just can't match Pixar for compelling storytelling. **.5 stars

bkriner Reviewed by bkriner
on 15th April 2010

How To Train Your Dragon 7.5/10

"How To Train Your Dragon" was effing amazing! Like really amazing. I bet 3D is ridiculous

I give 8.5/10 for "How to Train Your Dragon" You hv to watch it movie freaks! It's awesome!

How to Train Your Dragon (2D) Simply excellent film-making. Gorg animation PLUS story! Only fails when Bechdel-Wallace applied.

cochineal Reviewed by cochineal
on 6th April 2010

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (2010). Directed by Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois. Theatre 2-D. 8/10 | #movie

bradschjoth Reviewed by bradschjoth
on 6th April 2010

Saw Disney PIxar's How To Train Your Dragon - LOVED IT! and I'm 33!

FilmOpEd Reviewed by FilmOpEd
on 5th April 2010

How to Train your Dragon-7.5/10-Not Dreamworks's best, but considerably better than recent works like Shrek the 3rd.

filmguy12 Reviewed by filmguy12
on 3rd April 2010

How to Train Your Dragon 8/10 Hiccup and Toothless comforted by Ugly Astrid learn everything known about 3D is wrong

mcunnington Reviewed by mcunnington
on 3rd April 2010

Oh - My - God! How to train adragon 3D? A MUST SEE (IN MAJOR CAPITOLS!) Out of 1 to 10? It's 100!

i've watched How To Train Your Dragon 3D ! and , IT"S AMAZING! two thumbs up and i wanna watch it again for 10 times or more! :D

wannabe96 Reviewed by wannabe96
on 30th March 2010

How To Train Your Dragon 3D ... 8.5/10 adegan terbangnya WHOAAAAA....

How to Train Your Dragon 8.3/10 weehee

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (8.5/10) Excellent family movie. Touching story, with good voice acting and animation. Fun for all ages.

Just saw "How to train your dragon". The movie was definitely a 10 out of 10.

How to train your dragon : ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8\10), great story so far in 2010 for animation movie. ♥ toothless ! 3D is a must :)

booibooi Reviewed by booibooi
on 29th March 2010

How to Train Your Dragon: very entertaining and fun! loved the dragon designs, animation was quite good, really enjoyed it!

kagrrakid Reviewed by kagrrakid
on 29th March 2010

#howtotrainyourdragon in 3d 8/10 very enjoyable flick definately worth a look see one of the better movies I've seem this year

Kfunk2020 Reviewed by Kfunk2020
on 27th March 2010

How to Train Your Dragon: [A-] Great story and lots of laughs. If you liked Avatar you prob will enjoy this one too. :)

5ummer Reviewed by 5ummer
on 27th March 2010

How to Train Your Dragon, wish we could all have pet dragons wicked cool as these, fantastic follow up from Kung Fu Panda studio

MovieJuv Reviewed by MovieJuv
on 27th March 2010