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From Paris with Love

23 reviews forFrom Paris with Love (2010)

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Reviews for From Paris with Love (23)

From Paris With Love: You had me at bald, goateed, bazooka toting John Travolta. A cheesy, campy good time.

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 16th August 2010

Watched FROM PARIS WITH LOVE tonight. It's a cautionary tale of what happens when you take money/time and throw it away.

: From Paris With love::. guion de terror con regulares escenas de accion y el egolatra sentido de heroismo gringo 5/10

thininki Reviewed by thininki
on 5th April 2010

Saw From Paris With Love ... Really liked it. Very exiting throughout the entire thing. It did seem a bit short though. - 4/5

Fantikerz Reviewed by Fantikerz
on 28th March 2010

From paris with love 9/10 watch it :)

#From Paris with love, poor mans crank! Entertaining dross!! 4/10

From Paris with Love: Travolta kills &quotterrorists??&quot with guns, big guns and an RPG, for no real reason. Just Action ★✩✩✩✩

x3player Reviewed by x3player
on 4th March 2010

From Paris with Love - Entertaining mostly for its absurdity. Trigger-happy Travolta trashes Paris for no real reason ★✩✩✩✩

From Paris With Love 3,5/5. When Luc Besson is involved with an action movie u know it's gonna be something special. Great.

From Paris with Love? More like (Take it) from me, this one's a real dud!

watched "From Paris With Love" and it was actually really good, definitely recommend going out and seeing it

Dingman Reviewed by Dingman
on 16th February 2010

From Paris with Love, That's just how I like my movies, fun, smart, fast and kick ass, fun twist on the formula to set in Paris

jjuvenal Reviewed by jjuvenal
on 9th February 2010

From Paris with Love, That's just how I like my movies, fun, smart, fast and kick ass, fun twist on the formula to set in Paris

MovieJuv Reviewed by MovieJuv
on 9th February 2010

From paris with love for a action budy movie it was good fast pase and nonstop, lookin for deep & meaninful your sol 7/10 good not great ...

From Paris With Love, beyond my expectation. It's a great action movie. Explosion, shooting and so many F-words! Satisfied. 7/10

From Paris With Love: Great action flicks,cerita standar, John Travolta bagus, "Royale With Cheese" they stole it from Pulp Fiction :p 7/10

#MMRB - FROM PARIS WITH LOVE - trashy. pointless killings. goofy. over-the-top. but oh, it's kinda fun too. travolta rocks it. (7/10)

From Paris with Love was good but I figured it out inside the first 10 minutes I am That good! :-)

from paris with love scored 8 out of 10

From paris with love = 9.9/10 ! :) movie of the month.

From Paris with Love: 5.6/10

From Paris With Love (5/10)

From Paris with Love-6.5/10-Completely absurd and full of plotholes, but the action is good and the two leads are appealing.