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19 reviews forCoraline (2008)

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Reviews for Coraline (19)

Coraline 8/10 Funny, freaky, scary, visually stunning, charming and disturbing enough to make kids need therapy

just saw Coraline - what a great flick. spooky & beautiful. 5/5 stars

Coraline 2009 3D BluRay. I give 4 out of 5 Very scary for a kids film, the 3D was amazing! I Recommend watching the 3D version!

cdoney77 Reviewed by cdoney77
on 17th October 2009

Coraline - Unhappy child seeks comfort in parallel world. Beautiful, creepy & quite charming. Touch derivative. ★★★✩✩

Coraline = 4 out of 5 A dark & slightly twisted tale from Neil Gaimans amazing book that will be enjoyable for kids/adults alike

mmikej24 Reviewed by mmikej24
on 15th October 2009

Coraline-8/10-Spectacular 3D animation overshadows a middling screenplay.

Just watched the stop-motion "Coraline". Excellent animation, great story, and quite scary actually! Highly recommended.

Coraline 7/10 You can pause this film on any frame and it looks gorgeous. Gets more surreal and interesting as it goes.

Coraline: Amazingly done. Great story and I love that they used real things to animate it!

bmmsben Reviewed by bmmsben
on 11th August 2009

Coraline - part 2: story turns dark & intense ala Burton. Even reminded me of Japanese filmmaker Miyazaki. Excellent. 8.5/10

_B_en Reviewed by _B_en
on 6th August 2009

Coraline: This is the best that mankind can do.

jacksauce Reviewed by jacksauce
on 4th August 2009

CORALINE (2009). Directed by Henry Selick. Blu-ray. 7/10 | #movie

bradschjoth Reviewed by bradschjoth
on 28th July 2009

Coraline: You're going to see it anyway, so do I need to tell you how awesome and pretty it is?

cochineal Reviewed by cochineal
on 21st July 2009

Coraline 7/10 A beautifully haunting little tale. Stop motion with dolls... Me like!

Coraline 8/10 A beautifully haunting little tale. Stop motion with dolls at it's best.

Coraline 3D - Great animation and 3D-ness, really eerie and scary for kids though. Kinda weird but kinda good ★★★☆☆

bbeckford Reviewed by bbeckford
on 12th May 2009

Watched Coraline this evening, I'm not sure the 3D is worth the extra £1.50 but it's a good enough film to hold it's own anyway 7.5/10

jonjon69 Reviewed by jonjon69
on 11th May 2009

@28gorillas Coraline (3D) was really good (8/10) even a bit scary at one point. Great for 8-12 yr-olds

supersense Reviewed by supersense
on 5th May 2009

Coraline 3d. Good film liked it. suprised at use of word 'crap' in it though! Thought 3D wasn't as good as bolt. 7/10